The Cycle Frontier Map Explained And Loot Spots

The Cycle Frontier Map Explained And Loot Spots
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10th Jun 2022 17:08

The Cycle Frontier map is going to be your best friend when on the varied plains of Frontier III, leading you to all the best loot spots, or avoiding some tough creatures. Unlike some other extraction games, The Cycle Frontier actually gives you the ability to track your movement in a raid, so it is a great way to plan out your routes. So, if you’re wanting to find out all about The Cycle Frontier map, including high-tier loot and the difficulty areas, make sure to read on below.

The Cycle Frontier Maps Explained

The Cycle Frontier Map Explained
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While the entire game is set on the one singular planet - Frontier III - there are currently two different regions for you to spawn onto, with their own unique The Cycle Frontier map.

These two regions are separated generally by their difficulty, with Bright Sands being on the easier side, and Crescent Falls offering players more of a challenge if they’re looking for it.

On a deeper level than just an overall map difficulty rating are zones within each map, which all have an individual difficulty tier assigned to them. This difficulty not only indicates the strength of the creatures that you will find inside, but also the loot that you will get for exploring it. As is usually the case, the harder an area is to traverse, the more you will be rewarded for exploring it.

Of course, the nature of high-tier loot is that it draws the eyes of many other players too, making venturing into these zones an even higher risk as you could lose all your gear before you even get the chance to find the loot.


The Cycle Frontier Bright Sands Map

The Cycle Frontier Bright Sands Map
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Being the easier of the two currently available maps, Bright Sands only has difficulty zones of up to tier three, with most of the map delegated to either tier one or tier two. 

The benefit of this is that it is a much more friendly environment to early game players with weaker equipment, as not only will the enemies be easier to defeat, but there will be less interest from high-level players making it a much less daunting experience.

The Cycle Frontier Bright Sands Map Loot
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Currently, with the full release of the game, there are only two tier-three difficulty zones on the Bright Sands The Cycle Frontier map. The first is found in the centre at Base Camp, and this is very likely going to be a hot spot for those crossing the map to find players and an extract.

The more fruitful loot zone is instead the Jungle area in the north-west, home to the Jungle Camp and the Crashed Ship. This is not only a great area due to its proximity to a lot of spawns, but it also is a fairly expansive area so you are less likely to run into resistance or find areas that have already been looted.

The Cycle Frontier Crescent Falls Map

The Cycle Frontier Crescent Falls Map
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As opposed to the Bright Sands map, Crescent Falls is filled to the brim with high-tier loot spots, with multiple areas ranging up to difficulty tier five.

The obvious caveat of this comes with the implication of the name: it is far more difficult. Not only do the monsters have significantly more health and hit like a truck, but due to the better loot spawns you are much more likely to find high-level players here on the search for items and kills.

Another factor that makes this a much harder - but conversely more rewarding - map is that essentially the entire map is at least difficulty tier three. That means that the easiest parts of Crescent Falls are equal to the hardest zones of Bright Sands, leaving you little space for safety.

The Cycle Frontier Crescent Falls Map Loot Areas
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If you’re well equipped though and looking for the Crescent Falls best loot spots, then we’ve got you covered. For the best concentration of loot, head to the south-west side of the map where there are five separate difficulty tier five zones dotted around, and a general baseline difficulty of tier four. Nutrition Farms and Lagoon are some of the highlights here.

Heading to the north-east of the map will net you some desirable items and monsters too, with the largest tier five zone on the map surrounding Oasis.

Will There Be New The Cycle Frontier Maps?

The Cycle Frontier New Maps
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If you’re already on the lookout for new The Cycle Frontier maps then unfortunately you’re going to be disappointed as there are currently no signs of any new regions coming to the game. That is not to say that there won’t be in the future, as it would be surprising if YAGER left it at just these two regions, but at the moment all we know of is the pre-existing Bright Sands and Crescent Falls.

So, that wraps up every we know about The Cycle Frontier maps, including the difficulty of each of them, the different zone tiers, and the loot that comes with that. If you’re reading this but don’t have a PC, why not check out our The Cycle Frontier Xbox and PlayStation guide for all the information on its console release.

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