How to find the Skeleton Key in The Cycle Frontier

How to find the Skeleton Key in The Cycle Frontier
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15th Jun 2022 14:27

Looking for the Cycle Frontier Skeleton Key so you can gain access to loot rooms for special rewards? The Cycle Frontier contains a number of special keys that are located across the map of Fortuna III, letting you open certain doors that allow you to enter loot rooms and earn some gear to take back if you survive the expedition. Whether you've already found the Cycle Frontier Skeleton Key and want to know what to do with it, or you need to find the key first, we've got you covered.

Where can you find a Skeleton Key?

The Cycle Frontier Skeleton Key Location
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The Skeleton Key can be found in the Swamp Camp area, which is located toward the south-west of the map near the giant skeleton remains. Keys in general are found within jackets, safes, and desks, so scouring each of these around the area should ensure you find it. 

What is the Skeleton Key?

What Is The Cycle Frontier Skeleton Key?
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The various keys you can find in the Cycle Frontier are utility items that can gain you access to loot rooms that are often full of high-value gear. Due to the process of opening these rooms, they are often left untouched, meaning you can drop in and are almost guaranteed to get good loot from finding a key.

Keys come in different rarities too, marked by the rarity tier colors, which also correspond to areas of the map. The Skeleton Key is a rare key, but there are ones that are more common, like the Cycle Frontier Loose House Key.  

Once you've found a key, you can continually use it when dropping back into the map, but if you die you will lose it and be required to seek it out again. You can counter this by putting it in your safe pocket. 

How do you use a Skeleton Key?

How To Use The Cycle Frontier Skeleton Key
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Once you've picked up the Skeleton Key, you will need to find the corresponding loot room nearby. Luckily, it's also located around the Swamp Camp area and can be found in a big building south of the giant skeleton. Inside there will be a few different weapons and grenade boxes, along with some safes, and a jacket, meaning you should get plenty of quality loot whenever you visit. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to find the Cycle Frontier Skeleton Key and how to use it for powerful loot rewards.

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