The Cycle Frontier Loose House Key: Where To Find And How To Use

The Cycle Frontier Loose House Key: Where To Find And How To Use
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Stumbled upon The Cycle Frontier Loose House Key but don't know what purpose it serves? The item's description gives us little to go on, so most The Cycle Frontier players are forced to do their own research. This guide will instruct you on where and how to use the Loose House Key in The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier Loose House Key: What Does It Do?

Keys are a form of utility in The Cycle Frontier used to unlock rooms containing particularly high-value loot. The regions of Fortuna III feature various buildings and rooms that can only be accessed by players with a matching key. Due to the trouble you have to go through to get into these locked areas, the loot inside is usually untouched and rather valuable.

Like The Cycle Frontier Janitor's Key, the Loose House Key is of common rarity. However, uncommon, rare, and epic keys exist as well in The Cycle Frontier.

The Cycle Frontier Loose House Key Location

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On the hunt for a Loose House Key — or just any key? Keys have a random chance to appear as loot in three types of containers: safes,  jackets, and desks.

You'll find all three of these containers inside buildings and structures on Fortuna III. Points of interest dense with buildings are prime areas to search for keys like the Loose House Key. Scavenge through safes, jackets, and desks until you come across the keys you desire.

Starport Admin is the best location in The Cycle Frontier to search for keys. This point of interest contains a total of 11 jackets and one safe. 


The Cycle Frontier Loose House Key: How To Use

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The Loose House Key spawns as loot on both Bright Sands and Crescent Falls, but the specific room to use it on is at Crescent Falls. The Loose House Key unlocks the door to a small building at the top of the Favela point of interest.

Favela lives up to its name, as the location consists of a series of small, rundown shacks. The building that the Loose House Key unlocks is near the top of Favela. Run up all of the stairs and you'll find the Loose House on the left. The building will have a yellow staircase behind it and a lock on the door. 

Visit Favela with the Loose House Key in your inventory and use it on the correct building to open it up and reveal the loot inside. You'll find two ammo boxes and a weapon crate inside the small shack.

But before you embark on your adventure — make sure you're properly prepared. Crescent Falls is the most dangerous region in the game. If you aren't packing at least rare armour and weapons, you probably won't have the best time. Be careful and either bring sufficient gear to survive or consider making the trip naked where you won't lose anything upon death.

Finally, always keep your keys in your Safe Pockets. Keys only weigh 0.1, so they're the perfect item to store in your Safe Pockets. In the Safe Pockets, your keys will remain in your possession no matter what. Also, this tactic means you'll always have the key on you and can just use it the next time you happen to wander near Favela.

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