How to find the 'SOS' sign in The Cycle Frontier

How to find the 'SOS' sign in The Cycle Frontier
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You will need to know the Cycle Frontier SOS sign location, as it's key towards finishing the Doing the Work quest, which can result in players finding tonnes of loot to help them during their games. The Cycle Frontier has many different types of quests that challenge players to complete objectives after dropping into solo games, allowing you to improve your standing with specific factions.

As one of the first missions, you will want to find the Cycle Frontier SOS sign early so you can take part in more objectives as you level up and progress through the chapters. So read on for our breakdown of where to find the SOS sign location. 

Where is the SOS Sign?

Before getting the objective to find the SOS sign, you will need to begin a conversation with Marie Gilbert Ravel, who is the Independent Civilian Advisory (ICA) faction's top procurement officer on the Prospect Station. This lets you begin the Doing the Work quest, which is one of the first quests you will take part in the game.

You will be asked to locate the source of a recently intercepted SOS signal while also searching for any survivors around the region. This can be found in the very south of the map, located around the rocky beach area directly below the Water Facility, where you will find some rubble just next to the water. Locating this will reward you with 160 FP, three ICA Scrip, and 6400 Krypto Marks, and also begin the next objective for the quest, which requires you to travel to the Water Facility to the north. 

The Cycle Frontier SOS Sign Location
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This part is also worth doing directly afterwards, as you can earn a hefty amount of loot. Inside of the facility, there will be a door that is locked shut and requires power to open up. You'll need to carefully search the Water Facility to find three batteries; two of them are located in a room close to the entrance, while the other is on a balcony. Connect them to the plugs and you can open the door to gather loot from the room and collect a picture frame on a bed, which will allow you to carry on with the mission.

Just survive and return to Marie to complete this objective, netting you any of the loot you collected along with 130 FP, 2 ICA Scrip, and 5800 Krypto Marks. Next time you drop in, you will then be able to continue the Doing the Work quest.

That's all for our walkthrough of how to find the Cycle Frontier SOS sign location, and now you know how to begin the quest and then complete the objective to find the distress signal. 

If you need to find specific items across the map, check out how The Cycle Frontier loot respawn system works. 


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