How to find the Swam Camp Dead Drop in The Cycle Frontier

How to find the Swam Camp Dead Drop in The Cycle Frontier
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10th Jun 2022 13:56

Have a quest to stash items in The Cycle Frontier dead drop container in the Swamp Camp but not sure where to find it? This job in The Cycle Frontier is a tricky one due to the lack of real guidance on how to locate the hidden container. In this guide, we'll provide you with detailed directions on where to find The Cycle Frontier dead drop in the Swamp Camp.

Where to find the Dead Drop in Swamp Camp?

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As the quest descriptions state, the dead drop is located within the confines of the Swamp Camp point of interest on Bright Sands. However, that's pretty much all of the information they give us. Finding the exact location of the dead drop rests on our shoulders.

The Swamp Camp Root dead drop sits directly underneath the monstrous skeletal ribcage between Swamp and Swamp Camp. Specifically, you'll find the dead drop in the water underneath some roots between the third and fourth ribs.

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Look for a small, yellow container — that is the dead drop. Interact with it to open it up. With the inventory menu open, put the requested items inside the dead drop and select the "Deposit Items" button.

Transfer the select objects from your backpack into The Cycle Frontier dead drop and deposit them to finish the quest and earn your rewards.

How to get the Dead Drop quest

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Each faction in The Cycle: Frontier has a quest/job that tasks players with depositing items into a dead drop at Swamp Camp. The items that you must deposit to complete each faction's contract are as follows:

  • ICA: Grenades
  • Osiris: Brightcap Mushrooms
  • Korolev: Ball Bearings

Talk to the individual at a faction's headquarters (HQ) and browse their jobs until you come across one that mentions a dead drop at Swamp Camp in the description. Accept the job to get started.

The job boards reset every 24 hours, so check back each day for new contracts.

Swamp Camp Dead Drop rewards

For your efforts, you'll receive a bundle of Faction Points, Scrip, and Krypto Marks. This is a pretty solid reward for the time investment required — especially when you already know where the dead drop is in Swamp Camp.

Turn the quest into the faction HQ you're working for to accept the rewards.

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