How to find Blue Runner Eggs in The Cycle: Frontier

How to find Blue Runner Eggs in The Cycle: Frontier
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20th Jun 2022 16:16

The Cycle Frontier Blue Runner Eggs are incredibly valuable and rare drops that can be found in a select few locations in the game, making them highly sought after and risky to find. Various items and resources in the Cycle Frontier have different rarities associated with them, meaning it's often worth it to spend your 20 minutes on the surface seeking out a single rarer item than multiple common ones.

So here's a breakdown of how to find a Cycle Frontier Blue Runner Egg, and what you should do with it. 

Where can you find Blue Runner Eggs?

The Cycle Frontier Blue Runner Egg Locations
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There are a set few locations that the Cycle Frontier Blue Runner Egg can spawn at, but this will change during each cycle. We've highlighted the locations on the Bright Sands map above, and if you explore those areas, you should be able to find three-toed footprints on the ground which will lead you toward a nest. 

The eggs can only be found inside the nests themselves, and of course, not all of these locations will have footprints during every cycle. This means you can end up going toward all the wrong locations first, leaving you very little time to actually find the egg, but if you know each location, it makes the process much easier than winging it. 

What are Blue Runner Eggs?

What Are The Cycle Frontier Blue Runner Eggs?
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The Blue Runner Eggs are a very rare resource, so rare in fact, that only a single one will spawn during each cycle, making them extremely difficult to track down. If you manage to find one, they are very valuable for selling to merchants, and one of the Osiris missions will task you with tracking them down. 

Their scarcity also means that many other players will also be hunting them down, so it can be risky and lead to a quick death if you aren't cautious while tracking them. 

That's all for our walkthrough of how to find the Cycle Frontier Blue Runner Eggs, and now you know what they are for and the process for tracking them down. 

We also have a breakdown of how to find and upgrade the Cycle Frontier Data Drives, which can be sold for tonnes of Krypto Marks at vendors when fully upgraded. 

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