Best Street Fighter 6 World Tour Master gifts: Increasing bonds & where to find them

Best Street Fighter 6 World Tour Master gifts: Increasing bonds & where to find them
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22nd Jun 2023 14:13


If you're looking for the best gifts to give to your masters and increase your bonds in Street Fighter 6, then you have come to the right place.

In Street Fighter 6, as you journey through World Tour mode, you'll meet a host of familiar faces who will become your fighting Masters. From time to time, it's helpful to give these characters a gift or two, but what are the best gifts to give each character?

Here, we'll be going through gift giving in the game, the best gifts for each character and where you can find them all!

What do World Tour gifts do in Street Fighter 6?

Blanka, a master in Street Fighter 6
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In Street Fighter 6, as in real life, giving a character a gift will strengthen your bond with them. So, when it comes to training with your masters, keeping them happy will have an assortment of benefits.

While you can essentially gift a master anything you like, you want to strengthen their bond as best and as quickly as possible. As such, each Master has an item that they covet more than anything else. So, giving them what they want is the way to go.

The signature gifts for each Master can usually be bought from vendors in certain areas and will increase your bond with them by a mighty +5, so you had better start saving your Zenny.

How to increase bonds with Masters in Street Fighter 6

Chun-Li, a master in Street Fighter 6
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In addition to your generous gift-giving, there are a few more tricks you can do to increase your bonds with the Masters in Street Fighter 6 World Tour:

  • Train in their style
  • Win fights in their style
  • Give smaller gifts (+2)

While these can gradually increase your bonds with your Master, it will take you a great deal of time and money to reach the maximum 100 bond. So, it's probably best you stick with the gifts below to make them extra happy.

Once you have increased your bonds, you'll have the perfect rapport with your Master and be able to learn new styles and techniques.

All World Tour gifts in Street Fighter 6

Juri from Street Fighter 6 looks at her phone with a lollipop in her mouth
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Now that you know what you're doing with the gifts to give to the Masters in Street Fighter 6, you're going to need to know their specifics and where to find them.

Fortunately, we've broken them all down and the locations in World Tour mode where you can find them all:

Character Gift Location
Blanka Knock-Off Blanka-Chan Doll Jamaica
Cammy Jellied Eel Jamaica
Chun-Li Canned Herring The Lowlands/Old Nayshall
Dee Jay Lukewarm Beer Brazil
Dhalsim Instant Curry Ultra Mild Central Bazaar/Old Nayshall
E. Honda Rubber Duckies Italy
Guile  Natto Japan
Jamie Bao Bao Bro Sticker Jamaica
JP Ancient Playing Cards Jamaica
Character Gift Location
Juri Wrench India
Ken Cookbook Mexico
Kimberly The Answer Lies in the Heart of Love Jamaica
Lily Celery Chips Jamaica
Luke Red Elevator 8 Bather’s Beach/Jamaica
Manon Beaujolais  Jamaica
Marisa Cold Tomato Soup France
Ryu  Instant Soba Chanko House Edomon/Metro City
Zangief Wooden Bear Barmaley Steelworks/Russia

And that's everything you need to find all of the best gifts to give your Master in Street Fighter 6. Marisa will surely be over the moon with that Cold Tomato Soup. While you're collecting your gifts, why not take a read of all the trophies you can get, too?

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