Here's how you play Luke in Street Fighter 6

Here's how you play Luke in Street Fighter 6
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Jack Roberts


2nd Jun 2023 00:00


With Street Fighter 6 finally in the hands of excited players around the world, it is important to know whom you are going to be playing as and against if you’re going to get ahead - especially as Luke.

Replacing Ryu as the latest game’s poster boy, Luke is going to be one of the more frequent characters you’ll be coming across in Street Fighter 6. So, it is important you know how to play him. We’re going to be going through everything you need to know to get started playing as Luke in the game, including his backstory, combos, and the best ways for you to get a handle on him.

How do you play Luke?

Like Ryu, Luke makes for a great all-around fighter in Street Fighter 6. While he has his own set of ranged attacks like the Sand Blast, he is particularly adept at close combat.

So, while the ranged attacks make for great chip damage and can vary in range depending on whether you use the Light or Standard Sand Blast you will get the most out of him by getting in close.

Luke delivers a final blow on Jamie in Street Fighter 6
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Images via Capcom

Getting in close is easy enough, with a large number of his combos pushing him forward, meaning an adept Luke can be an unrelenting force to be reckoned with.

Luke's combos

Along with his ranged attacks that can chip away at health bars, Luke’s combos can be an imposing threat as he edges ever closer to his opponents. Here, we’ll be breaking down some of the more complicated combos Luke has to offer, including his Special Moves, Super Arts and Unique Attacks.

For this guide, we’re using the inputs from the classic control scheme:

Special Moves

Move Name (Special Moves)

Combo Input

Sand Blast

Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch

Fatal Shot

Punch, Punch (after Overdrive Sandblast)

Flash Knuckle

Down, Down/Back, Back + Punch


Punch, Punch (after Overdrive Flash Knuckle)

Aerial Flash Knuckle

Down, Down/Back, Back + Punch (while aerial)


Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Kick

Rising Uppercut

Forward, Down, Down/Forward + Punch

Slam Dunk

Punch, Punch (after Overdrive Rising Uppercut)

Super Arts

Move Name (Special Arts)

Combo Input

Vulcan Blast

Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch


Down, Down/Back, Back, Down, Down/Back, Back + Punch

Pale Rider

Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Kick

Unique Attacks

Move Name (Unique Attacks)

Combo Input


Forward + Medium Punch


Back + Heavy Punch

Outlaw Kick

Back + Heavy Kick

Double Impact

Forward + Heavy Punch, Heavy Punch

Triple Impact

Light Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch

Nose Breaker

Down + Medium Punch, Down + Heavy Punch

Snapback Combo

Medium Punch, Medium Punch, Medium Punch, Medium Punch

Who is Luke in Street Fighter 6 lore?

As the final playable character introduced to Street Fighter 5, Luke is something of a newcomer to the series. However, despite his occasional arrogant outburst, he is filled with a steely determination.

With Guile’s encouragement, Luke stepped back from his military career to pursue the journey into competitive fighting. Like Ryu, he strives to be the strongest fighter going. But, he still has a long way to go.

Key art of Luke in Street Fighter 6
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Images via Capcom

In Street Fighter 6, Luke appears to have grown up, with him taking on a more active role as a coach, as well as a fighter, and is even the first master you will encounter in the game’s World Tour mode.

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