How to play Kimberly in Street Fighter 6: Moves, combos & backstory

How to play Kimberly in Street Fighter 6: Moves, combos & backstory
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Do you want to learn to play Kimberly in Street Fighter 6? Street Fighter 6 has a roster of new and returning fighters, each with their own moves, strategies, and stories. Kimberly is one of the game's new characters, bringing her own style and flair. This brand-new character has some exciting new moves, so let's take a look at how to play Kimberly in Steet Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly: The basics

Kimberly landing a medium kick on Ken in Street Fighter 6
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Kimberly is a rush-down character, with many moves and abilities that help her get in her opponent's face and stay there. Kimberly moves very quickly and can attack from all angles, which is what makes her so well-suited to aggressive offence.

The best tool in her arsenal for this purpose is Sprint. This special move can be followed up with a low kick, a launcher, an overhead, or even a grab. The essence of rush-down is keeping your opponent guessing, and Kimberly excels at that.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly: Moves and basic combos

Kimberly has a wide variety of moves, many of which are tied to her Sprint. Below are her special moves, unique attacks, as well as some basic combos to show you how to use them.

Special Moves

Kimberly hitting Juri with a special move in Street Fighter 6
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Special Moves Input
Bushin Senpukyaku Down - Back - Kick (can be done mid-air)
Sprint Down - Forward - Kick
Vagabond Edge Down - Forward - Punch
Swagger Step Down - Back - Punch
Hidden Variable Down - Back - Punch
Genius at Play Down - Down - Punch
Shuriken Bomb Down - Down - Punch (With at least 1 Shuriken Bomb stock)
Shuriken Bomb Spread Down - Down - Two punch buttons (With at least 2 Shuriken Bomb stocks)
Nue Twister Down - Forward - Punch (mid-air, close to opponent)

Sprint Moves

Kimberly sprinting towards JP in Street Fighter 6
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Sprint Moves Input
Sprint Down - Forward - Kick
Emergency Stop Punch (during Sprint)
Torso Cleaver Light Kick (during Sprint)
Shadow Slide Medium Kick (during Sprint)
Neck Hunter Heavy Kick (during Sprint)
Arc Step No input, happens on contact with the opponent
Bushin Izuna Otoshi Punch (During Arc Step)
Bushin Hoji Kick Kick (During Arc Step)

Unique Attacks

kimberly hitting Guile with her Hisen Kick in Street Fighter 6
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Unique Attacks Input
Water Slicer Slide Down/forward + Medium Kick
Windmill Kick Back + Heavy Kick
Hisen Kick Forward + Heavy Kick (Follow by holding up and/or forward or back to leap off the opponent)
Elbow Drop Down + Medium Punch (peak of forward jump)
Bushin Tiger Fangs Medium Punch + Heavy Punch
Bushin Prism Strikes Light Punch - Medium Punch - Heavy Punch - Heavy Kick
Bushin Hellchain Light Punch - Medium Punch - Down + Heavy Punch - Heavy Kick
Bushin Hellchain Throw Light Punch - Medium Punch - Down + Heavy Punch - Down + Heavy Kick

Super Arts

Kimberly after hitting Ken with one of her Super Arts in Street Fighter 6
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Super Arts Input
Bushin Beats (Down - Forward)x2 - Kick (adds Shuriken Bomb if any are stocked)
Bushin Scramble (Down - Back)x2 - Punch (can be done mid-air)
Bushin Ninjastar Cypher (Critical Art) (Down - Forward)x2 - Punch


kimberly performing a combo on Ken in Street Fighter 6
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Kimberly has a handful of key combos you should know. As is the case for some of the new fighters in the game, Kimberly has quite a lot of combo potential built into her special and unique moves.

Kimberly's standing Medium Kick is a great poke, and can be cancelled into Sprint. This is the fundamental way you are going to open up many of your combos and keep your opponent guessing.

Mix this with her Bushin Prism Strikes and Bushin Hellchain combos. These combos technically start with Light Punch, but you can combo into any of these combos with a Light Kick and Light Punch. This gives you low and mid starting points, just more ways to keep the opponent on their toes.

Street Fighter 6 Kimberly: Backstory of the character

Kimblery after winning a fight in Street Fighter 6
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Kimberly Jackson is a teenage genius who graduated college early and has dedicated herself to studying the Bushin style under her master, Guy. She combines Bushin with her dancing and artistic flair to create her own style of Ninjastar martial arts.

Her uncle, Albert Jackson, was in Nayshall during the terrorist incident and has been missing ever since. Kimberly's goal is to find her uncle, and she will travel the world and fight anyone she has to in order to learn his whereabouts.

That is it for our Street Fighter 6 Kimberly guide. For more on the game, check out our Street Fighter homepage, or check out how to play Ryu in Street Fighter 6.

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