How to play Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6

How to play Chun-Li in Street Fighter 6
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Chun-Li is one of the game's classic characters, with a new look and some new moves.  This legendary warrior is back for more, so let's take a look at our rundown of Chun-Li in Steet Fighter 6.

The basics of using Chun-Li

Chun-Li is a very adaptable character, she has a mix of offensive options. When the situation calls for it, she is equally equipped to get in close as she is to fight from a distance. One of her strongest attributes is her speed, she moves faster than most characters which makes her very hard to predict.

Chun-Li posing after defeating Juri in Street Fighter 6
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Her unique stance, Serenity Stream, gives Chun-Li a lot of options. Not only can she attack in all kinds of ways from this position, but she can also use Serenity Stream in combos in unique ways.

Chun-Li's moves and basic combos

Chun-Li has a wide variety of moves, both in her regular and Serenity Stream stances. Below are her special moves, unique attacks, as well as some basic combos to show you how to use them.

Special Moves

Chun-Li hitting Blanka with Lightning Kicks in Street Fighter 6
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Special Moves Input
Kikoken Back (hold) - Forward - Punch
Hundred Lightning Kicks Down - Forward - Kick (can be done midair)
Lightning Kick Barrage Two kick buttons (After OD HLK)
Spinning Bird Kick Down (hold) - Up - Kick
Hazanshu Down - Back - Kick
Tensho Kicks Down - Down - Kick

Serenity Stream Moves

Chun-Li in Serenity Stream stance in Street Fighter 6
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Serenity Stream Moves Input
Serenity Stream Down - Back - Punch (Hold down to stay in stance)
Orchid Palm Light Punch
Snake Strike Medium Punch
Lotus Fist Heavy Punch
Forward Strike Light Kick
Senpu Kick Medium Kick
Tenku Kick Heavy Kick

Unique Attacks

Chun-Li hitting Cammy with the Yoso Kick in Street Fighter 6
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Unique Attacks Input
Swift Thrust Forward or Back + Medium Punch
Hakkei Back + Heavy Punch
Water Lotus Fist Down/Forward + Heavy Punch
Yokusen Kick Forward + Heavy Kick
Falling Crane Down/Forward + Heavy Kick
Yoso Kick Down + Medium Kick (Mid-air, can be performed three times in a row)
Wall Jump Up + Forward/Back (Mid-air, near a wall)
Soaring Eagle Punches Heavy Punch - Heavy Punch (Mid-air)

Super Arts

Chun Li using her Hoyoku-sen super art in Street Fighter 6
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Super Arts Input
Kikosho (Down - Forward)x2 - Punch (can be done mid-air)
Hoyoku-sen (Down - Forward)x2 - Kick
Soten Ranka (Critical Art) (Down - Back)x2 - Kick


Chun-Li hitting Cammy with her Critical Art in Street Fighter 6
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Chun-Li's combo potential is deep, thanks in large part to her Serenity Stream. She has normal attacks that cancel into specials as you would expect, you can start with a Medium Punch, followed by a light attack then a special.

That said, some of Chun-Li's specials need to be charged, so you need to charge them or work around that.

Serenity Stream can be canceled into attacks that do not normally combo, such as Heavy Punch and Heavy Kick. The power of Serenity Stream in combos comes from how you can attack from this stance, then combo into charge moves like Spinning Bird Kick and Kikoken without having to charge them.

Chun-Li has very broad combo potential, so be sure to mix things up with a combination of regular and Serenity stance attacks.

The backstory of the character

Chun-Li after winning a fight in Street Fighter 6
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Chun-Li is an Interpol agent, whose desire for justice stemmed from the death of her parents at the hands of M. Bison and his Shadaloo organization. Previous to the events of Street Fighter 6, Chun-Li and the other World Warriors brought an end to Shadaloo, and defeated Bison.

With her life's goal complete, Chun-Li has taken time away from Interpol. She now teaches kung-fu in Metro City, keeping herself sharp while also adjusting to her new life.

While training with other fighters, a chance encounter with an old rival reminds Chun-Li that there are other dangers in the world, and sparks her return to her fight for justice.

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