What is World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6: Is it open world?

What is World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6: Is it open world?
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2nd Jun 2023 00:00

In Street Fighter 6, you will be encountering a variety of new modes for players looking to experience fresh ways to fight. A new mode to the series is the World Tour mode, where you can unleash your creativity and take the fight to the very streets. But what is it exactly?

We’re going to be breaking down World Tour mode in the game and what it has on offer in Street Fighter 6 – so read on

What is World Tour in Street Fighter 6?

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When first launching Street Fighter 6, you’ll be met with several modes to choose from. While Battle Hub and Fighting Grounds offer more traditional online matches, training and local play, there is also the third mode to choose from, World Tour.

World Tour essentially acts as a story mode in which you can create your character (in some cases, pretty… unique creations) and hone your skills to become the greatest fighter.

With the help of Street Fighter 6’s ensemble cast acting as your masters and guides (starting with Luke), you will face new challenges and be encouraged to take your fighting prowess out to the streets in Metro City and around the world.

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Is World Tour mode open world in Street Fighter 6?

The simplest answer is yes, World Tour mode in Street Fighter 6 is somewhat open world. While not the largest map in the world, it is certainly rife for exploration, and a welcome addition to the typical Street Fighter formula.

After creating your avatar and going through the mode’s tutorial missions, you are free to roam around the various pockets of Metro City and beyond to face off against new opponents. And after Metro City… get ready to explore the world.

Once you’re thrown into the city, you’re free to wreak as much havoc as you like and challenge pretty much everyone you meet in the street to a brawl. So, buskers and business people beware, there is a fight approaching.

That’s everything you need to know about World Tour’s open world in Street Fighter 6. Curious about the other modes? Find out what Jukebox mode is as well!

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