How to play Blanka in Street Fighter 6: moves, combos & backstory

How to play Blanka in Street Fighter 6: moves, combos & backstory
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Do you want to learn to play Blanka in Street Fighter 6? Street Fighter 6 has a roster of new and returning fighters, each with their own moves, strategies, and stories. Blanka has been a mainstay of the series since Street Fighter 2, and a fan favourite ever since. A lot has changed in those 30+ years, so let's take a look at how to play Blanka in Steet Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Blanka: The basics

Blanka using his throw on Zangief in Street Fighter 6
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The two words that best describe Blanka's playstyle are pressure and movement. Blanka is a charge character, meaning some of his most useful moves need to be charged. For example, to perform his Rolling Attack you need to hold back for about a second, before pressing forward and a punch button.

This can be tricky to get the hang of, but learning how and when to charge your attacks is a big part of becoming a good Blanka player. Even if you find those tricky to use, Blanka has many useful tools in his arsenal.

From medium range, Blanka can quickly close the distance with Rolling Attacks coming from all angles, Amazon River Run which closes the gap and hits low, his Wild Hunt leaping command grab, or simply using Surprise Hop to move quickly and keep your opponent on their toes.

Blanka is strongest when he is moving a lot, changing the range of the fight in a flash, and hitting his opponent from as many different directions as possible. Blanka is chaos, in all the best ways.

Street Fighter 6 Blanka: Moves and basic combos

Blanka has added some new moves to his classic repertoire, giving returning fans some new tools to play with. Below are his special moves, unique attacks, as well as some basic combos to show you how to use them.

Special Moves

Blanka using Electric Thunder on JP in Street Fighter 6
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Special Moves Input
Electric Thunder Down - Back - Punch
Rolling Attack Back (hold) - Forward - Punch (Can also be done mid-air)
Vertical Rolling Attack Down (hold) - Up - Kick
Backstep Rolling Attack Forward - Down - Back - Kick
Wild Hunt Down - Forward - Kick
Blanka-chan Bomb Down - Down - Punch
Rolling Cannon (During Lightning Beast) After performing any Rolling Attack, press a direction and punch

Unique Attacks

Blanka using Amazon River Run against Chun Li in Street Fighter 6
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Unique Attacks Input
Rock Crusher Forward + Medium Punch
Double Knee Bombs Forward + Medium Kick
Wild Edge Back + Medium Kick
Wild Nail Forward + Heavy Punch
Amazon River Run Down/forward + Heavy Punch
Coward Crouch Down + any two punch buttons (follow with punch for Wild Lift, or kick for Raid Jump)
Surprise Hop Forward or back + three kick buttons

Super Arts

Blanka using Lightning Beast on Zangief in Street Fighter 6
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Super Arts Input
Shout of Earth (Down - Forward)x2 - Punch
Lightning Beast (Down - Back)x2 - Punch
Ground Shave Cannonball (Critical Art) (Down - Forward)x2 - Kick


Blanka hitting Chun Li with a knee strike in Street Fighter 6
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As is customary for many Street Fighter characters, Blanka often initiates combos with crouching medium punches and kicks. He isn't the most combo-focused character, but you have some options when you get in close. If you are quick with the charge, you can follow up with a Rolling Attack.

Otherwise, your best bet is to use Electric Thunder, which can combo into a Super Art, or use Surprise Hop to jump to the other side of the opponent and catch them off guard.

This all relies on your ability to get in close, which is Blanka's strength. Use Rolling Attacks and Amazon River Run to get in front of your opponent, Surprise Hops to confuse them, then hit them with a quick combo.

Street Fighter 6 Blanka: Backstory of the character

Blanka just after winning a fight in Street Fighter 6
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Blanka, believe it or not, is human. His birthname was Jimmy, but after a plane crash, he was lost in the Amazon jungle as a child. He survived the crash and grew up in the wild. Somehow, his life in the jungle led him to develop green skin, sharp teeth, and the ability to create electricity from his body.

Eventually, he discovered civilization and became friends with Dan Hibiki. Through this friendship and others, Blanka learned to speak and began to claim some of his forgone humanity. His priority was finding his mother, and after competing in the World Warrior tournament he was reunited with her.

Blanka returned to the jungle he called home, which is where we find him in Street Fighter 6. Word of a "jungle spirit" has gotten around, a creature named 'Blanka-chan' which looks suspiciously like someone in an oversized Blanka costume.

Sure enough, the spirit is Blanka himself, and this whole charade is his attempt to share his love of the jungle with others, while also helping him to find his spirit again.

That is it for our Street Fighter 6 Blanka guide. For more on the game, check out our Street Fighter 6 commentators guide.

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