How to play Jamie in Street Fighter 6: Moves, combos & backstory

How to play Jamie in Street Fighter 6: Moves, combos & backstory
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Do you want to learn to play Jamie in Street Fighter 6? Street Fighter 6 has a roster of new and returning fighters, each with their own moves, strategies, and stories. Jamie is the game's second new character, acting as a Ken to Luke's Ryu. This brand-new character has some exciting new moves, so let's take a look at how to play Jamie in Steet Fighter 6.

Street Fighter 6 Jamie: The basics

Jamie drinking from his gourd in Street Fighter 6
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Jamie is a close-range character, meaning his moveset is built around staying close to the opponent and hitting them with a wide range of attacks. The other side of Jamie's character is his drinking. Seriously, Jamie incorporates drunken boxing and breakdancing into his fighting style.

In gameplay terms, Jamie has a drink counter. Every time he drinks from his gourd, the drink counter goes up a level. At each level, Jamie gets access to more moves, and at drink level four, he becomes fully loaded. This gives him access to all of his moves and makes them stronger.

So your strategy will consist of playing conservatively at first and getting drinks in where you can. As you get more drinks on the counter, you unlock more moves and can more effectively fight. The higher your drinks, the more aggressively you can play.

Street Fighter 6 Jamie: Moves and basic combos

Jamie has a wide variety of moves, which expand greatly as he drinks. Below are his special moves, unique attacks, as well as some basic combos to show you how to use them.

Special Moves

Jamie using his Freeflow Strikes in Street Fighter 6
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Special Moves Input
The Devil Inside Down - Down - Punch
Freeflow Strikes Down - Forward - Punch, then Forward + Punch x2
Freeflow Kicks Down - Forward - Punch, then Forward + Kick x2
Swagger Step Down - Back - Punch
Arrow Kick Forward - Down - Down/forward - Kick
Luminous Dive Kick Down - Back - Kick (Drink Level 1, during forward jump)
Bakkai Down - Forward - Kick (Drink Level 2)
Tenshin Forward - Down - Back - Kick (Drink Level 3, close range)
Swagger Hermit Punch Down - Back - Punch, then Forward - Punch

Unique Attacks

Jamie using Falling Star Kick in Street Fighter 6
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Unique Attacks Input
Tensei Kick Down + Two kick buttons
Phantom Sway Down + Heavy Kick, then Heavy Kick - any punch button
Falling Star Kick Forward + Medium Kick
Hermit's Elbow Back + Heavy Punch
Senei Kick Forward + Heavy Kick
Bitter Strikes Light Punch - Light Kick - Medium Punch (Drink Level 1)
Full Moon Kick Forward + Medium Kick - Medium Kick - any punch button (Drink Level 2)
Intoxicated Assault Back + Heavy Punch - Heavy Punch - Heavy Kick (Drink Level 3)
Ransui Haze Forward + Heavy Kick - Back + Heavy Kick - any punch button (Drink Level 4, effect of last attack depends on timing)

Super Arts

Jamie using Breakin in Street Fighter 6
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Super Arts Input
Breakin (Down - Forward)x2 - Kick
The Devil's Song (Down - Back)x2 - Punch
Getsuga Saiho (Critical Art) (Down - Forward)x2 - Punch


Jamie using Falling Star Kick in a combo in Street Fighter 6
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Jamie has a handful of key combos you should know. First of all, his crouching medium kick, standing medium kick, and standing heavy kick are all great ways to begin combos with Jamie. These are especially useful early on as you are building up your drink level. Use kicks to poke at your opponent, and combo into a special move.

Keep poking and taking chances to increase your drink level, and you will be able to get more aggressive with your combos. After level 2, you can start using medium punch to combo into Full Moon Kick to break crouching guards, while also getting free drinks and damage.

Once you hit level 3 you get Tenshin, an incredibly useful command throw that breaks guards, and allows you to follow up with a combo. Follow it up with a crouching medium punch and Freeflow Strikes.

Street Fighter 6 Jamie: Backstory of the character

Jamie just after winning a fight in Street Fighter 6
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Jamie Siu is the younger cousin of Yun and Yang from Street Fighter 3, and a rival to Luke. He blends his drunken boxing style with breakdancing to create his own fighting style. Although he does employ drunken boxing and drinks from a gourd during fights to power up, his drink is in fact a medicinal tea, and completely non-alcoholic.

Jamie sees himself as a protector, the toughest guy in Chinatown. With a past of hotheadedness behind him, Jamie sees himself now as the bigger man, a stoic guardian of those in need. That is, of course, until he bumps into a muscled-up idiot with big stupid hair, and then Jamie has no choice but to get mad.

That is it for our Street Fighter 6 Jamie guide. For more on the game, check out our Street Fighter homepage, or check out how to play Ryu in Street Fighter 6.

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