How to play E. Honda in Street Fighter 6: Moves, combos & backstory

How to play E. Honda in Street Fighter 6: Moves, combos & backstory
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Jack Roberts


3rd Jun 2023 15:23


With Street Fighter 6 finally in the hands of excited players around the world, it is important to know whom you are going to be playing as and against if you’re going to get ahead.

After first appearing in the second game of the series, E. Honda returns in Street Fighter 6, just as big and just as powerful.

We’re going to be going through everything you need to know to get started playing as E. Honda in the game, including his backstory, combos and the best ways for you to get a handle on him.

Who is E. Honda in Street Fighter 6?

Key art of E. Honda throwing Guile in Street Fighter 6
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Having first appeared in Street Fighter 2, E. Honda is a gargantuan sumo wrestler who has become one of the most recognisable faces in the Street Fighter series.

While he has been portrayed as somewhat oafish in other media, Honda is in-fact a sumo grandmaster and one of the most powerful characters you can choose from.

Having trained since childhood, he has always attainted to be the greatest sumo of all time. When he realised the world did not revere the art as he did, he took it upon himself to prove them wrong.

In Street Fighter 6, E. Honda is as successful a chef as he is a sumo wrestler, with his Chanko restaurant proving to be a hit in the bustling Metro City.

Honda combo moves in Street Fighter 6

Image shows E. Honda hitting Guile with a flurry of attacks in Street Fighter 6
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Despite his size, E. Honda is in fact quite nimble and can throw a flurry of furious slaps at his opponent to knock them down (and keep them there). His sumo techniques are extremely powerful compared to, for example, the overall balance of Ryu's move set.

Here, we’ll be breaking down some of the more complicated combos E. Honda has to offer, including his Special Moves, Super Arts and Unique Attacks.

For this guide, we’re using the inputs from the classic control scheme.

Move Name (Special Moves)

Combo Input

Hundred Hand Slap

Down, Down/Back, Back + Punch

Sumo Headbutt

Back, Forward + Punch

Sumo Smash

Down, Up + Kick

Oicho Throw

Down, Down/Forward, Down, Down/Back, Back + Kick

Sumo Dash

Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Kick

Teppo Triple Slap

Punch, Punch (during Sumo Dash)

Taiho Cannon Lift

Down + Punch (during Sumo Dash)

Neko Damashi

Down, Down + Punch

Sumo Spirit

Down, Down + Kick


Move Name (Super Arts)

Combo Input

Show of Force

Down, Down/Forward, Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Punch

Ultimate Killer Head Ram

Back, Forward, Back, Forward + Kick

The Final Bout

Down, Down/Back, Back, Down, Down/Back, Back + Punch


Move Name (Unique Attacks)

Combo Input

Harai Kick

Forward + Heavy Kick

Power Stomp

Forward/Down + Heavy Kick

Flying Sumo Press

Down + Medium Kick

Double Slaps

Light Punch, Medium Punch

Toko Shizume

Medium Punch, Forward/Down + Heavy Kick

How to play E. Honda in Street Fighter 6

Image shows E. Honda taunting in Street Fighter 6
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Images via Capcom

In Street Fighter 6, E. Honda is a heavy-hitter, with his strikes, charges and throws being among the most powerful in the game.

When taking control of the ground, ensure you are making the most of his standard slaps and kicks before alternating with the combos that will gradually push him forward.

His Sumo Dash is a great way of claiming the territory, with several combos within it that can knock an opponent off their feet.

Chaining these strikes in rapid succession can make it difficult for your opponent to respond or guard. Pepper them with these attacks before throwing them into submission.

That’s everything you need to know about getting started with E. Honda in Street Fighter 6. If you’re looking for more character guides, why not check out our guide on how to play as Luke as well? For more on Street Fighter 6, keep checking back with GGRecon.

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