Stardew Valley Abigail: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events

Stardew Valley Abigail: Gifts, Schedule, Heart Events
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Stardew Valley Abigail is a wilful, purple haired young woman who lives with her parents Pierre and Caroline. Dreaming of a life with more adventure in it, she appears to resent her more conservative father Pierre and will often request an item from the Stardew Valley bulletin board to ‘prank’ him with. She is friends with Sam and Sebastian and even appears as the drummer in their band during Sam’s Heart Events. To learn about her Heart Events, including how to unlock them, find her favourite gifts and learn more about her story, this is our complete Stardew Valley Abigail guide.

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Stardew Valley Abigail: Best Gifts


  • All universal loves
  • Amethyst
  • Banana Pudding
  • Blackberry Cobbler
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Pufferfish
  • Pumpkin
  • Spicy Eel


  • All universal likes (except Vegetables)
  • Quartz


  • All universal dislikes (except Clay and Pufferfish)
  • All Eggs
  • All Vegetables (except Hops, Pumpkin, Tea Leaves and Wheat)
  • Sugar
  • Wild Horseradish


  • All universal hates (except Sugar which is a dislike)
  • Clay
  • Holly

Stardew Valley Abigail: How To Foster A Relationship

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Abigail is one of the easier villagers to earn friendship points with because she has a longer list of loved gifts. Most of these however, are cooked dishes so they require multiple ingredients as well as the ability to unlock the recipe for them. Unless you have unlocked Ginger Island and progressed through it a fair amount, it is best to avoid Banana Pudding.

The Spicy Eel recipe is worth collecting from George at 7 hearts as it is a useful cooked dish to take on mining expeditions as well. The easiest of the cooked dishes to make out of these is the Blackberry Cobbler. The recipe will be given to the player through The Queen of Sauce on 14 Fall, Year 2. It is simple to make as it only requires Sugar and Wheat Flour (the player can make these or simply buy them from Pierre’s shop) and Blackberrys, which can be foraged in Fall or found in the Fruit Bat Cave.

Abigail is known to love Amethysts which are common enough to find if you’ve spent a few days in the mines or Skull Caverns. They are found by breaking open Amethyst Geodes.

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Perhaps the easiest loved gift to obtain for Abigail is Pumpkin. The seeds can be bought directly from Pierre in the Fall, and take 13 days to grow. These crops also have the chance to grow into Giant Pumpkins if grown in a patch of 3x3 squares. This means they will need to be broken on harvest and will produce more Pumpkins. As this gift doesn’t need multiple ingredients or a recipe to make, it is a simple choice for winning friendship points with Abigail.

Be sure to give Abigail a loved gift on her birthday (Fall 13) for bonus friendship points and check the town bulletin board regularly for any quests she may have posted.

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It is also possible to earn friendship points with Abigail by completing the Secret Note #25. This note details a necklace that has went missing near the bath house. To find the necklace, cast your fishing rod into the little pool outside of the spa entrance. This will bring up the Ornate Necklace. If you give the necklace to Abigail rather than her mother, you receive 100 friendship points with her.


  • Did you know Elliott’s birthday is also in the Fall? To find out more about Elliott, check out our Stardew Valley Elliott Guide.

Stardew Valley Abigail: Schedule

All Seasons

Wednesdays – she spends all day at the Museum until 6pm when she walks to the Graveyard. She walks home at 10pm.

Fridays – she spends the morning at home. From 3pm-9pm she is at the Stardrop Saloon. She then returns home.
Sundays – She is at home until 1pm when she heads to Cindersnap Forest. By 4pm she arrives near the Wizard’s Tower, where she stays until 8pm before heading home.


All other days – Mornings are spent at home, at 1pm she stands on the bridge near the JojoMart. She walks home at 4:30pm.


All other days – she leaves home at 11am to stand by the train platform near the Spa. 3pm, she stands at the river near Robin’s house. At 5:30 she walks home.


Mondays – leaves her house at 11am to head to the Beach. She stands on the Pier to the left of Willy’s Shop from 1-6pm, she then heads home.

All other days – she leaves the house at 1pm to stand by the Bus Stop. She stays there until 5pm when she returns home.


All other days – she walks to Robin’s house and stays near the counter from 10:30 – 2:30pm. She then heads home.

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Stardew Valley Abigail: Heart Events  

Two Hearts

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The Player walks into Abigail’s room whilst she is playing a level of the video game Journey of the Prairie King. She confesses that she is struggling to get past the first level and asks the player for help. The mini game commences, the same game that can be accessed in the Stardrop Saloon. Whether you fail or win the level, Abigail will thank you for your help.

Four Hearts

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The player sees Abigail practising her flute by the Mountain Lake. This cut-scene will only appear on a rainy day. Abigail asks what the player is doing out in the rain, if you answer that you enjoy the weather she will be pleased, and you will earn friendship points. She offers you shelter underneath the tree; the player then starts to play on a harp and joins in on Abigail’s song.

Six Hearts

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Enter the town square after 9pm. You will see Abigail in the Graveyard. She says she has just been practising her swordsmanship and expresses the desire to go on adventures. She asks the player if they have ever used a sword before, if either top two answers are chosen you will be given 10 friendship points.

If you tell Abigail that it is dangerous, and she should stay safe you will lose 100 points. Pierre interrupts the two of you and tells Abigail that the graveyard is no place for a lady and her mum wants her home to help with dinner. Abigail tells him he is stuck in the past on his ideals of where a woman’s place is, and she leaves the graveyard with the player.

Eight Hearts

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Abigail will send a letter to the player, inviting them to her room after 8pm. Take care to manage your time, as Pierre’s shop closes at 9pm so you have a narrow window of time to enter the cutscene (unless you have the keys to the town in your wallet).

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She shows you her spirit board which starts to move and spell out ‘I heart (player’s name)’. Abigail gets embarrassed before the board can fully spell out the player’s name, and tips it over. She asks the player to leave and the scene ends. The next day she visits the player’s farm to apologise for her reaction. It is heavily hinted here that she has feelings for the player.

Ten Hearts

Abigail enters the mines, after a flurry of bats fly out of the ground at her she gets scared and backs into a corner. The player enters and comforts her, she confesses her feelings for them. They embrace and the scene ends.

If the player decides to marry Abigail, she will sometimes appear at level 20 of the mines, on rainy days. There is also a chance to see her playing her flute there.

Now you know everything there is to know about the Graveyard visiting, purple haired girl, so why not check out more Stardew Valley content? Here is our Stardew Valley Penny Guide for tips on befriending Penny.


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