Does Sons of the Forest have crossplay?

Does Sons of the Forest have crossplay?
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21st Mar 2023 08:51

If you’re just jumping into Sons of the Forest, then you may be wondering if the hit survival game features crossplay functionality. Sons of the Forest is the anticipated sequel to The Forest, and tasks players with once again surviving on an island inhabited by mutant cannibals.

With Sons of the Forest offering co-op multiplayer, you may be wondering if the game has crossplay support so that you can play with players on other platforms. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about crossplay in Sons of the Forest.

Does Sons of the Forest have crossplay functionality?

Sons of the Forest Crossplay
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Let’s cut straight to it - Sons of the Forest does not have crossplay functionality. Sadly, Sons of the Forest is only available in Steam early access right now. This means that it is only available to play on one platform - PC. As such, there is no need for the game to support crossplay with other platforms.

Looking at the developer’s previous example of The Forest, that game only ever saw a console release on the PlayStation 4. In addition, crossplay functionality never made its way to that console port of the game either.

Is crossplay in Sons of the Forest coming soon?

Sons of the Forest Crossplay
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It’s not looking promising for crossplay support in Sons of the Forest. However, it’s entirely possible that plans may change.

Sons of the Forest broke a record by becoming the most wish-listed game on Steam just before it launched. This shows that there is an incredible amount of anticipation surrounding the game, and it would surely find an audience on a console platform.

If Sons of the Forest were to eventually launch on console, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether developer Endnight will add crossplay support. However, given that most multiplayer games these days offer some form of crossplay support, it’s quite likely that the functionality is at least on Endnight’s radar.

So, now you know that Sons of the Forest sadly doesn’t support crossplay in its current state. We will update this article if anything changes.

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