The Sims 4 Wolfsbane explained, how to get & use it

The Sims 4 Wolfsbane explained, how to get & use it
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Wolfsbane is one of many different plants in The Sims 4, but this particular one is special because it can be used to cure both Werewolf and Vampire Sims from their toothy (or hairy and toothy) occult affliction.

So to learn both where you can locate Wolfsbane in the game and how it can be crafted and used to make it into a cure for both Occult life states, I've broken down all you need below.

Where to find Wolfsbane

There are four different methods of obtaining Wolfsbane in The Sims 4: In Underground Tunnels, out in both Moonwood Mill and Forgotten Hollow, or by ordering seed packets.

Appearing as a purple flower (shown in the image below), unlike the Moonpetal flower, Wolfsbane can grow throughout the lunar cycle, making things a little bit easier for you when you're on the hunt for it.

Wolfsbane growing in the wilds of Moonwood Mill
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Underground Tunnels

There are three Underground Tunnels within Moonwood Mill. If explored, there is a random chance for your Sim to get Wolfsbane added to their inventory. As this is randomised, there are quicker ways to obtain the plant.

If you want to get your Wolfsbane this way, choose the following options once your Sim has gone inside:

  • Diverging paths > 'Navigate the debris' > Water leak > Choose 'continue' > The Old Mill (from improved sight) > Choose 'attempt to lift the wheel' option > The Old Mills' lost treasure

Note: Sims will need the Nightvision Werewolf perk and a pretty high Fitness skill to successfully do this.

Moonwood Mill

Wolfsbane can also be found growing in the wild throughout Moonwood Mill itself if your Sims aren't quite as daring.

A good place to head to grab it is the spawn point near the waterfall located south of Greg's trailer.

Forgotten Hollow

Wolfsbane was first introduced in The Sims 4's Vampires DLC, and as such, it can also be found growing within the wilds of Forgotten Hollow if you haven't been able to find any in Moonwood Mill (or vice versa).

Ordering Seed Packets

It's possible to also grow an unlimited supply of Wolfsbane from seed packets. To unlock the ability to order these from a computer, you'll first have to max out the Vampire Lore skill to 15, but once that's done, your green-fingered Sims can grow it as needed.

Using Wolfsbane to cure Lycanthropy

Wolfsbane curing a sim from lycanthropy
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The cure for Lycanthropy is called 'Wolf-B-Gone' and is unlocked once your Sim has read enough of 'The Diary of Greggorius Lunvik'.

First, you'll need to unlock the 'Lunar Epiphany' skill by reading enough Werewolf lore books. Next, locate the diary in Moonwood Mill by smelling the ground and scavenging highlighted areas. (Both of these skills are also unlocked through the Werewolf skill tree)

Reading the diary will unlock the cure, which will take the following ingredients to create:

  • 3x Moonpetals
  • 10x Wolfsbane

Moonpetals are harder to obtain as they are only harvestable during the full moon. Keep an eye on the lunar calendar, and when it's the Full Moon, you'll tend to find these flowers growing on the top of the lakeside cliff in Moonwood Mill.

Curing Vampirism with Wolfsbane

Vampire sim in The Sims 4
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To cure Vampirism, Wolfsbane is actually just one of a few different ingredients that you'll need in order to make what's needed. Including garlic (my favourite), you'll need the following:

  • 10x Garlic
  • 10x Plasma Fruit
  • 10x Wolfsbane
  • 2,500 Simoleons

To unlock the recipe, a Sim will have to max out the Vampire Lore skill to 15 (which they can do by researching Vampires on a computer or reading Vampire Tomes) and gathering the above materials.

Once you've reached that, you can then also unlock the ability to order seed packets online if you'd rather grow them yourself. 

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Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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