The Sims 4 prom guide, including how to make promposals & be elected royalty

The Sims 4 prom guide, including how to make promposals & be elected royalty
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The Sims 4's High School Years Expansion Pack, amongst adding an active high school for Teen Sims to visit, also adds the hottest event of the season – prom!

So whether you want your Sim to take to the stage in style just like Cady Heron and Regina George (minus the back brace, of course), I've broken down all you need to make prom a night to remember, including how to set it up, make promposals, or become prom royalty in the game.

How to set up prom

Firstly, it's important to note that creating your prom is completely optional, as you can turn up to the event that is automatically set by the calendar without needing to do much else. Alternatively, you can set up the event ahead of time.

To do so, just pop into Build/Buy mode and re-decorate the Auditorium to your liking. While there, make sure that you set the lot type as a 'Formal Dance' as shown in the image below so that the changes you make only take effect during the prom event.

The Sims 4 Prom venue shown in Build/Buy mode
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As of the time of writing, the Auditorium in Copperdale seems to be the only venue able to hold a prom, but you can change the shape and look of the building as you see fit.

How to make a promposal in The Sims 4

About a week before the prom event, you'll receive the option to make promposals. To do so, select your Sim, then choose the 'Prom' option, and press 'Create Promposal Sign'.

Once made, it'll remain in your Sim's inventory until you select a Sim you wish to present it to - this can also be found under the 'Prom' option when selecting them. However, unless a Sim has an established relationship with the other, it will likely fail, leading to some embarrassment. 

A sim promposing to another
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The effectiveness of a Sim's promposal is determined by their painting skill, so the higher your painting skill, the higher the quality of the promposal. If presented with a high-quality promposal, the receiving Sim may gain the 'Impressed by Promposal' sentiment.

If you're not wanting two Sims to go to prom together in this way, you can also opt to ask a friend to prom 'as friends' rather than taking a date.

Sims can also make a pact with another to 'Promise to skip prom together' if you're feeling rebellious. If this pact is fulfilled both Sims gain the 'Close from Ditching Prom Together' sentiment.

If a Sim chooses to go to prom after making the pact, however, they'll gain the sentiment 'Guilty about Broken Prom Pact' and the other will receive a 'Bitter about Broken Prom Pact' one.

Picking an outfit for prom

Screenshot showing a fashion look being made
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It's time to get fancy! By default, a Sim's prom outfit will automatically be the formal outfit that's assigned to them, so you can head into CAS by using Full Edit Mode or a dresser to tweak that there. You can also 'shop' for a new one in the ThrifTea store in Copperdale by creating a fashion look by clicking on the racks of clothing and selecting 'Create a fashion look'.

Once you’ve applied the look you want in Create-a-Sim, the shopping bag then will be in your Sim's inventory, ready for you to either wear or sell on the Trendi app.

What prom activities are there?

  • Dance
  • Grab Fruit Punch
  • Pose and take selfies in front of the prom backdrop
  • Sweetheart Dance (slow dance)
  • Use the photo booth alone or with other Sims
  • Vote for Prom Royalty

Alongside the above activities, you may also be asked to attend a pre-prom gathering at a friend's house, which is essentially just the option to hang out before prom. Sadly, there aren’t any pre-prom activities you can attend, like posing for a picture with your prom date or giving them a corsage, though.

The Sims 4 voting for prom royalty
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You may also be asked to attend an after-party at the pier by a friend where you can sample the delights of the carnival rides and food stalls - the former of which are rabbit holes.

How to be elected prom royalty in The Sims 4

Sims wearing a jester hat and a crown during prom in The Sims 4
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To get elected as prom royalty, you need to complete the prom event goals which, as with other events in the game, will show up in the top left of the screen. You'll have to complete them all and achieve a gold rating.

It's not the easiest task to do, though, and you'll have to be focused, as prom only lasts from 7 - 11 PM, with the award ceremony taking place around 9 PM. This means you have little time to dawdle if you want to secure that crown.

Additionally for reaching gold in the prom event, you get a vintage gramophone, which can be found within the household inventory.

If you win either prom jester or royalty, this will unlock the prom jester hat and prom crown as wearable items in Create-a-Sim.

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Kiera is a former GGRecon Guides Writer.

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