The Sims 4: How to enter CAS Full Edit Mode

The Sims 4: How to enter CAS Full Edit Mode
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The Sims 4 CAS mode (also known as Create-a-Sim) is the screen where you'll make a household, choose their Aspirations, or refine their appearance - and using the CAS Full Edit Mode cheat allows you to return to it during gameplay.

Without this cheat, once in the game, you'll lose access to the full suite of tools in CAS, instead limiting you to editing a Sim's outfits only and removing the ability to change features or traits - so it's worth knowing how you can access it again.

How to enter cheats in The Sims 4

To bring up the cheat box to turn on the Full Edit Mode CAS cheat, you'll first need to input the following in Live Mode:

  • For PC, press CTRL + Shift +C
  • For Mac, press Command + Shift + C
  • For consoles, press all four triggers at once


A Sim sat on a couch using a tablet surrounded by two cats
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If you've done that correctly, a white box will appear in the upper-left of your screen. Now, you'll need to type in 'testingcheats on', which will enable the use of cheats in your game. If successful, a prompt will show up in the box stating 'Cheats are enabled'.

How to use the CAS Full Edit Mode cheat

Next, all you now need to do is enter the following cheat in the box: cas.fulleditmode on

The CAS Full Edit Mode cheat shown with the Modify in CAS option
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Now you can change your Sim with much more freedom by interacting with a mirror, dresser, or by Shift-clicking (or by holding A/B on Xbox and X/O on PlayStation) on the Sim you'd like to edit.

You'll then be whisked to CAS with all the options for changing your Sim available.

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Now that you're able to edit existing Sims to your heart's content, check out our homepage for The Sims, where you'll find a Doctor diagnosis list if you're unsure as to what illness your Sim has, or a breakdown of the different career, Spellcaster, Vampire, or Werewolves cheats.

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