The Sims 4 pregnancy cheats, how to force labour, have twins & more

The Sims 4 pregnancy cheats, how to force labour, have twins & more
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With pregnancy cheats in The Sims 4, you can choose the gender and amount of offspring your Sims can have, allowing you to skip interactions entirely, cheating to send them into labour and skipping the three-day trimester period.

So whether you're looking to speed-run a Legacy Challenge in the game or are planning on making a huge family since Growing Together's Expansion Pack launch, I've wrangled up all of the tips and tricks that you need to know.

Pregnancy cheat to have twins or triplets

There are a few ways to try for twins or triplets in your game, most of which involve buying Fertility traits in the rewards store - but there is a cheat to help guarantee them:

  • First, use the Try For Baby interaction with your chosen Sim, and then take a test to make sure they are pregnant. You'll then want to obtain your Sim's ID, which is a unique number attributed to every Sim
  • You'll need to use the 'sims.get_sim_ID_by_name (First Name) (Last Name)' code, replacing (First Name) and (Last Name) with their name

Once you have the Sim's ID, you can use the 'pregnancy.force_offspring_count SimID #' code, replacing # with the number of offspring you want and the SimID with your Sim's number.

If you want more than one child, remember to account for how many free slots you've got in your household (the maximum is eight), as you won't be able to go above this.

How to force labour in The Sims 4

If you're eager to speed up the pregnancy process, you can put an already pregnant Sim into labour automatically with the following cheat: 'Sims.Add_Buff Buff_Pregnancy_Inlabor'

Tips to get twins or triplets

Screenshot showing lot traits in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

Other than buying the Fertile reward trait and using cheats, numerous in-game mechanics can increase your odds for twin or triplet Sims for your budding parents:

  • On Ley Line lot trait: This lot trait arrived in City Living, and can be applied when editing a house in Build Mode. This lot trait massively increases the odds for twins, but triplets are still an uncommon result
  • On A Dark Ley Line lot trait: This acts similarly to the Ley Line trait, but helps to instead produce Vampire lifestate twins or triplets
  • Fertility Massage: This is a Spa treatment you can request if you have Spa Day installed, placing Sims in a flirty mood to increase the chance of romantic interactions - and the odds of conceiving twins or triplets when trying for a baby
  • The Elixir of Fertility: This is an herbal remedy that can be crafted if your Sim has maxed out the Herbalism Skill from Outdoor Retreat, increasing the chances of conceiving twins or triplets for a limited time when consumed
  • Wish for a child: Although there's no evidence that you can increase your odds for twins this way, Sims can wish for a child at a wishing well if you have Romantic Garden Stuff installed, so it's another potential method to add to your arsenal

Outside of the features already in-game, if you're not opposed to mods, you can also use MC Command Center.

This mod adds a pie menu when clicking on Sims that gives you a huge amount of options, one of which is being able to instantly make a Sim pregnant and choose the amount of offspring they'll have (as shown in the below image). You can even entirely skip specific trimesters and get right to labour if you so choose.

Image of the MC Command Center pregnancy UI
Click to enlarge

Method to influence a baby's gender

This is less of a cheat per se and more of an in-game mechanic, but it's possible to influence the gender of the baby you get through music and food choices.

For girls, you'll want to direct your Sim to eat strawberries and listen to Pop music. For boys, they'll need to eat carrots and listen to Alternative music. This has a proven track record of success with Simmers, and while it isn’t a guarantee, it does increase your odds of getting your chosen gender.

Image of a pregnant Sim listening to music in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

You can buy a radio, starter vegetables, and fruit seeds from Build Mode's catalogue, or you can buy seeds from a PC to grow strawberries or carrots. Alternatively, you can select 'Order a Delivery' from your Sim's phone under the 'Home' tab, which will list any currently available groceries to buy. 

When using that menu myself, I've found carrots there more than strawberries, though, so you may want to grow those yourself if you're set on using this method (which makes for a great, and very sweet storyline, in my opinion).

How to cheat

Cheat console in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

Now that you know which pregnancy cheats are available, you'll need to know how to summon the cheat box and enable the option to cheat in your game. To do so, follow these steps:

  • PC Simmers will want to press CTRL+ Shift + C
  • Press Command + Shift +C if playing on a Mac
  • If playing on a console, press all four triggers of your controller
  • This will open a white box in the top-left of your screen, as shown in the image above
  • Next, type 'testingcheats true' or 'testingcheats on' into that box and press 'Enter'

You should then receive a message in the box that says cheats have been enabled if done correctly, and you can now enter any of the codes on this page!

Can you have Science Baby twins or triplets in The Sims 4?

Sims are now able to have a 'Science Baby' in the game amongst same-sex couples and friends without a romantic relationship, and they too can have twins or triplets this way.

The outcome of a Science Baby is randomised, but it seems to be a lot more likely to get twins if you have implemented some of the methods above, like the Fertile or On the Ley Line lot traits.

Image of the Science Baby interaction as a single parent in The Sims 4
Click to enlarge

What pregnancy mods are there?

If your cheats aren’t working, the Cheats Fix Mod by TwistedMaxi increases the probability of cheats working post-expansion updates.

The mod provides information in the cheat log box as to why a cheat may have failed. This can be a useful tool for Simmers who use a lot of cheats in their games, and if any of the codes on this page end up failing.

Alternatively, if you're tired of the uniquely-Sims way in which Sims give birth you can download the highly popular Child Birth Mod by PandaSama. This mod adds the option to have a natural birth or a birth via the hospital after reaching a certain dilation, instead of heading to the birthing machine straight away.

The mod also has custom animations for new activities that can speed the birthing process along, like going for a walk, using an exercise ball, or pre-birth yoga. Some births can take up to 24 hours and may require additional medical help too, like an epidural or c-section. 

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