Can Fennekin Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Can Fennekin Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?
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20th Jan 2023 17:36

Fennekin, the fox Fire-type starter of Pokemon X and Y, has been a part of Pokemon GO for a while now. Although, since appearing more frequently like in the Lunar New Year 2023 event, players have been wondering if the Shiny version is available. Let's get into this Shiny Fennekin Pokemon GO guide. 

Can Fennekin Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

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Unfortunately, no. Fennekin cannot be Shiny in Pokemon GO. Whilst other featured Pokemon that appear more frequently in the Lunar New Year event have their Shiny versions available - confirmed on the official Pokemon GO blog - Shiny Fennekin is still nowhere to be seen in the game. 

This is because Niantic usually never has both a new Pokemon and its Shiny version enter Pokemon GO at the same time. Usually, the Shiny version of each Pokemon only makes its debut in dedicated events, like Community Days. 

So far, Fennekin is yet to have a Community Day. Therefore, Shiny Fennekin is yet to appear. Not to worry though, Niantic is giving more Pokemon than ever its own Community Day - with Noibat's on the way for February, with Chespin just having theirs in January

Altogether, whilst Fennekin cannot be Shiny in Pokemon GO at the moment, never say never. 

That's a wrap on all you need to know in this Shiny Fennekin Pokemon GO guide. For more of what's new in the game, check out all there is to know about Primal Reversion in Pokemon GO. Alternatively, have a look at the dates and times for the Regice Raid

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