Pokemon GO Celesteela weaknesses, counters & Shiny details

Pokemon GO Celesteela weaknesses, counters & Shiny details
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Coleman Hamstead


5th Apr 2024 15:20


Ultra Beasts are leaking into Pokemon GO again via Ultra Wormholes, one of which is the Launch Pokemon, Celesteela. If you're still on the quest to catch 'em all in Pokemon GO, now's the perfect time to go after this Ultra Beast.

This primer details Celesteela's weaknesses along with a list of ideal counters that'll make defeating (and catching!) the Ultra Beast in the mobile game a breeze.

Celesteela weaknesses

Celesteela is a dual Steel/Flying-type Pokemon, which means it's weak to Fire and Electric-type attacks.

It takes reduced damage from Ground, Normal, Flying, Steel, Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy-type attacks, though, and it is extra resistant to Poison, Bug, and Grass-type attacks, so avoid using those.

Best counters for Celesteela

Here are some of the best Pokemon to use as direct counters to Celesteela in Raid Battles:

Pokemon Best Moveset Sprite
Reshiram Fire Fang & Fusion Flare
Reshiram Sprite
Click to enlarge
Xurkitree Thunder Shock & Discharge
Xurkitree Sprite
Click to enlarge
Zekrom Charge Beam & Fusion Bolt
Zekrom Sprite
Click to enlarge
Darmanitan Fire Fang & Overheat
Darmanitan Sprite
Click to enlarge
Thundurus Thunder Shock & Thunderbolt
Thundurus Sprite
Click to enlarge
Moltres Fire Spin & Overheat
Moltres Sprite
Click to enlarge
Lanturn Spark & Thunderbolt
Lanturn Sprite
Click to enlarge
Skeledirge Incinerate & Flamethrower
Skeledirge Sprite
Click to enlarge
Charizard Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Charizard Sprite
Click to enlarge
Solgaleo Fire Spin & Flamethrower
Solgaleo Sprite
Click to enlarge
Melmetal Thundershock & Thunderbolt
Melmetal Sprite
Click to enlarge
Dialga (Origin) Dragon Breath & Thunder
Dialga (Origin) Sprite
Click to enlarge

Despite its status as an Ultra Beast, Celesteela is a middling option on PvE and PvP, but you never want to underestimate your opponent, so come prepared with the proper counters if you plan to battle it!

Can Celesteela be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes! As of April 4, 2024, Shiny Celesteela is finally in Pokemon GO. If you're situated in the Southern Hemisphere, you can seek out Shiny Celesteela in Five-Star Raids as part of the Sizable Surprises Event.

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