Pokemon GO Mega Heracross weaknesses, counters & Shiny details

Pokemon GO Mega Heracross weaknesses, counters & Shiny details
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Coleman Hamstead


15th Apr 2024 09:00


Mega Heracross has finally made its Pokemon GO debut as part of the Bug Out Event, even getting its own personal Raid Day.

You won't have long to get this Mega Evolution, so let's review Mega Heracross' weaknesses, complete with a list of the best counters to use against the game's latest Mega!

Mega Heracross weaknesses

Mega Heracross is a dual-type Bug/Fighting Pokemon, so it's biggest weakness is Flying-type attacks, although it's also vulnerable to Psychic, Fire, and Fairy-type attacks.

On the other hand, the Single Horn Pokemon is resistant to Bug, Dark, Fighting, Grass, and Ground-type attacks, so avoid using those!

Best counters for Mega Heracross

You'll only be able to encounter Mega Heracross in Raids for a limited time. So, to ensure you defeat and capture the Bug/Fighting-type Pokemon, here are some of the best counters to use against it:

Pokemon Best Moveset Sprite
Rayquaza Air Slash & Dragon Ascent
Rayquaza in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Enamorus Fairy Wind & Fly
Click to enlarge
Yveltal Gust & Oblivion Wing
Click to enlarge
Moltres Wing Attack & Sky Attack
Click to enlarge
Staraptor Gust & Fly
Staraptor in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Ho-Oh Hidden Power & Brave Bird
Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Lugia Extrasensory & Aeroblast
Lugia in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Togekiss Charm & Aura Sphere
Togekiss in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Mewtwo Psycho Cut & Psystrike
Mewtwo in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Cresselia Psycho Cut & Moonblast
Cresselia in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Talonflame Incernate & Fly
Talonflame in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Tapu Lele Confusion & Nature's Madness
Tapu Lele in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge

Mega Heracross is arguably the best Bug-type Mega Evolution in Pokemon GO, and it's also an excellent Fighting-type Pokemon!

However, it's easy prey for Psychic, Fire, Fairy, and most of all, Flying-types. With the right counters, you should be able to defeat this beastly bug.

Can Mega Heracross be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, it's possible to encounter a Shiny Mega Heracross. Challenge as many Mega Heracross as you can in Mega Raids on Mega Heracross Raid Day, and if you're lucky, you may run into a Shiny!

Visit our Pokemon GO homepage at GGRecon for details on this month's other Raid Bosses, as well as information on the upcoming Community Days, the next Spotlight Hours, and the current Egg Charts.

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