Pokemon GO Kartana weaknesses, counters & Shiny details

Pokemon GO Kartana weaknesses, counters & Shiny details
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Coleman Hamstead


4th Apr 2024 17:30


One of the extradimensional Ultra Beasts, Kartana, is returning to Pokemon GO as part of an in-game event called Sizable Surprises. If you're still missing this Pokemon, there's no better time to try to catch it.

This primer details Kartana's weaknesses and the game's best counters for the Drawn Sword Pokemon, all so you're fully prepared to defeat and capture the Ultra Beast when you encounter it in Pokemon GO!

Kartana weaknesses

As a dual-type Grass/Steel-type Pokemon, Kartana is weak to Fighting-type attacks and especially vulnerable to Fire-type attacks.

However, the Ultra Beast takes reduced damage from several attack types, including Poison, Normal, Rock, Steel, Water, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, and Fairy. Grass-type attacks, in particular, are ineffective against Kartana, so don't bother using them.

Best counters for Kartana

Here's a list of some of the best Pokemon to use as counters against Kartana in Raid Battles:

Pokemon Best Moveset Sprite
Reshiram Fire Fang & Fusion Flare
Reshiram in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Chandelure Incinerate & Flame Charge
Chandelure in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Darmanitan Incinerate & Overheat
Darmanitan in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Blaziken Counter & Blast Burn
Blaziken in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Talonflame Incinerate & Fire Blast
Talonflame in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Medicham Counter & Dynamic Punch
Medicham in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Annihilape Counter & Close Combat
Annihilape in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Skeledirge Incinerate & Flamethrower
Skeledirge in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Virizion Double Kick & Sacred Sword
Virizion in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Charizard Fire Spin & Blast Burn
Charizard in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Ho-Oh Incinerate & Sacred Fire
Ho-Oh in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge
Solgaleo Fire Spin & Flamethrower
Solgaleo in Pokemon GO
Click to enlarge

Kartana isn't too much of a threat in PvP, but it's a formidable opponent in PvE. With the right counters, though, you should be able to defeat the Drawn Sword Pokemon without much of an issue.

Can Kartana be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes! Shiny Kartana will debut in Pokemon GO on April 4, 2024, as part of the Sizeable Surprises Event.

If you're in the Northern Hemisphere, you can hunt for a Shiny Kartana in 5-Star Raids as part of the event's festivities. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, you'll need to use a Remote Raid Pass to join one.

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Sizable Surprises also introduces two brand-new Collection Challenges to the game! Visit our Pokemon GO homepage at GGRecon for more news and guides, like the Spotlight Hours, Egg Charts, and Raid Bosses for this month.

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