Pokemon UNITE patch notes: All buffs and nerfs

Pokemon UNITE patch notes: All buffs and nerfs
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5th Apr 2023 09:41

Pokemon UNITE Ranked players rejoice - the terrifying reign of Zacian comes to an end with the latest balance patch for Tencent’s popular MOBA.

The patch for Pokemon UNITE brings a much-needed nerf to some powerful Pokemon, whilst giving a Helping Hand to those who definitely needed it.

Keep reading to find out everything the Patch brings to Pokemon UNITE, including all buffs and nerfs!

Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: All Buffs

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Charizard players are turning up the heat with a 10% Basic Attack damage increase and a massive buff to its Unite Move, Seismic Slam. The Unite Energy required to pull off this powerful move has been decreased from 120,000 to 110,000, whilst its cooldown has been decreased from 123 seconds to 112 seconds.


Zoroark mains got a tasty stat and move buff in Pokemon UNITE’s Patch, and now they’re back for seconds. This second course of buffs improves its survivability and moveset.

The cooldown of Night Slash has been reduced from 10 seconds to 8 seconds. Its upgrade, Night Slash+ has been reduced from 9 seconds to 7 seconds.

You can also pull off Feint Attacks quicker, with a cooldown reduction from 7 seconds to 6 at the base move, and from 6 seconds to 5 with Feint Attack+.

Finally, if you want to run with Cut, its cooldown has been reduced from 5.5 seconds to 4.5 seconds.

Pokemon UNITE Patch Notes: All Nerfs

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Zacian has ruled over Ranked UNITE play since its release with an iron paw. However, the Patch looks to slash its stats, slowing its early game progression and giving its opponents a chance to escape.

Its Attack stats have been reduced across the board, which now look like this:

  • Level 1: 220 to 190
  • Level 2: 232 to 203
  • Level 3: 245 to 218
  • Level 4: 260 to 234
  • Level 5: 276 to 252
  • Level 6: 294 to 271
  • Level 7: 313 to 292
  • Level 8: 334 to 315
  • Level 9: 358 to 341
  • Level 10: 384 to 369
  • Level 11: 413 to 400
  • Level 12: 445 to 434
  • Level 13: 480 to 472
  • Level 14: 518 to 514
  • Level 15: 560 to 560

But that’s not all for the Sword Dog.

Its move, Agility, can no longer cancel stuns inflicted on Zacian, meaning it can actually be paused on retreat. Its retreat, however, will not be easy. Its cooldown has been increased from 9 seconds to 10 seconds, whilst the movement speed increase effect has been decreased from 50% to 30%. Agility+ movement increase effect has been nerfed from a 60% increase to 40%.



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Sableye has been causing chaos across the Theia Sky Ruins thanks to its mischievous Aeos Energy stealing antics.

Fortunately, Knock Off has been nerfed, giving Sableye’s opponents a chance to react. Its cooldown has been increased from 7.5 seconds to 8.5, with its hindrance effect being reduced by 20%.

Confuse Ray has also seen a nerf in this patch, with its effect duration decreased from 2.5 seconds to 2.


Considering Mew had an 84% win rate based on the Season 10 Master Rank Top 100 Most Played Pokemon data, it’s no surprise it’s facing nerfs across the board.

Its ranged Attack, Electro Ball, could snipe opponents from ridiculous distance and deal out some heavy damage. Now, it deals a base 250 damage without the Light Screen boost - a reduction of 10%.

Synchronize’s cooldown has been increased from 20 seconds to 25, whilst Solar Beam’s cooldown has been increased from 9 seconds to 10.5 seconds.


This cool Eeveelution got an Icy Wind buff when the Theia Sky Ruins launched. Now, with the introduction of the Slick Spoon, Glaceon’s early-game snowballing has been melted in its tracks. Its damage has been decreased by 12%.


Wood Hammer’s cooldown has been increased from 5 seconds to 7 seconds.

Pain Split gave Trevenent too much mobility, so its movement speed buff has been decreased from 45% to 35%.

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