Best Goodra build in Pokemon UNITE: Moveset, items & more

Best Goodra build in Pokemon UNITE: Moveset, items & more
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16th Mar 2023 09:58

The best Pokemon UNITE build for Goodra, the Shell Bunker Pokemon, perfectly balances its Defender role with its ability for HP restoration and increased survivability.

All will be Right as Rain if you learn how to play this bulky Defender well. Here’s everything you need to know about Goodra’s best build in Pokemon UNITE, including moveset, items and playstyle.

Pokemon UNITE: Goodra Overview

Goodra evolves from Goomy into Sligoo at level 5, and then Goodra at level 8.

In the mainline Pokemon games, Goodra is considered to be pseudo-Legendary thanks to its incredibly high 150 Special Defence stat.

However, its passive ability in the popular MOBA spin-off Pokemon UNITE takes it to another level entirely. When this Pokemon is hit by an attack, there is a set chance that it will spread slime. The slime deals damage and reduces your opponent’s movement speed, perfect for striking them with a powerful attack. Best of all, this can be stacked up to four times for maximum chaos.

That’s not all! Goodra’s passive ability also allows it to restore HP when it enters tall grass and boosts its basic attack damage, making it fantastic as an early-game lane pusher.

Pro tip: Comfey’s healing synergises well with Goodra’s passive ability.

Pokemon UNITE Goodra best build: Moveset

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The best build for Goodra in Pokemon UNITE focuses on dealing out damage whilst restoring HP to push in early-game lanes and reach your power spikes as soon as possible.

Your basic attack shoots goo that will slow enemies down if fired from a distance and deal increased damage if shot from up close. You can also reduce your cooldowns by hitting the enemy with a follow-up attack.

The two best moves for an offensive Goodra build are Dragon Pulse and Acid Spray.

Dragon Pulse is an aiming attack that unleashes a damage-dealing shockwave. If it connects with an enemy, it will also restore Goodra's HP.

Power Whip is another aimed attack that sees Goodra lash out in a certain direction, dealing damage and decreasing the movement speed of enemy Pokemon. It has a pull mechanic that will stun enemies and drag them back towards Goodra for a team beating. We recommend this over Acid Spray because, whilst Acid Spray has a leap mechanic, the pull was far more effective when working in a team.

You will unlock Goodra’s UNITE Move, Right as Rain, at level 9. This is a short UNITE move that forms a rainy cloud over Goodra’s head, boosting basic attacks and restoring HP whilst it is active.

Pokemon UNITE Goodra best build: Items

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The current meta choice for Goodra looks to increase its Defences.

For Battle Items, you should pick:

  • Rocky Helmet - to increase Physical Defence and boost HP. Its passive-retaliation damage is equal to (3/4/5)% of the holder's max HP, which pairs nicely with Goodra’s tankiness.
  • Assault Vest - increases Goodra's resistance against Special Attack damage and HP via a shield.
  • Focus Band - Increases Defences and improves Goodra's overall durability

For a Held Item, you should go with X Speed or an Eject Button to give Goodra extra mobility and reposition so your moves hit.

And with that, I'm going to wash my hands from having to type the word 'gooey' so much. Have fun, Trainers!

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