Pokemon UNITE Slick Spoon: How to get and effects

Pokemon UNITE Slick Spoon: How to get and effects

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Sara Heritage


10th Mar 2023 12:04

Slick Spoon is a brand new Held Item introduced in Pokemon UNITE’s latest update. A game changer for special attackers like Gardevoir and Pikachu, keep reading to find out more about the Slick Spoon's effects, how to get Slick Spoon, and which Pokemon are best for Slick Spoon in Pokemon UNITE!

Pokemon UNITE: What are Held Items?

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First of all, it’s important to understand the role that Held Items take in Pokemon UNITE. Once you reach Trainer Level 10, you can equip up to 3 Held Items, which all provide unique bonuses to your Pokemon.

If you want to climb the Ranked ladder, your Held Item combinations are some of the most critical tactical choices you can make. Experiment and find the right builds for your playstyle! If you want to see what the pros are running with, you can see recommended builds by selecting the option in the team composition screen.

You can upgrade your Held Items up to Level 30 by purchasing Item Enhancers from the Aeos Emporium. Upgrading your Held Items increases the passive stat boost and boosts the effect provided by your items to your Pokemon during matches.

What does the Slick Spoon do in Pokemon UNITE?

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The Slick Spoon makes damage dealt by your Pokemon's Special Attacks ignore up to 20% (once it is upgraded to level 30) of your enemy's Special Defense stat, dealing more damage.

That means that you can take down bulky defenders like Slowbro and Snorlax with relative ease. It’s particularly good on Special Attackers like Sylveon or Pikachu, who can’t lower an opposing Pokemon's Special Defense.

It’s important to pair this item with a moveset that doesn’t impact Special Defense already.

For example, you wouldn’t want to use the Slick Spoon if you ran Psychic on Gardevoir, which already lowers the enemy Special Defense. However, if you choose to run Moonblast instead of Psychic, you would keep that ability to reduce enemy Special Defense with the Slick Spoon.

How to get the Slick Spoon in Pokemon UNITE

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The Slick Spoon can be purchased from the Aeos Emporium for 2000 Aeos Coins, or 1250 Aeos Tickets.

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