Most valuable cards in the Paldean Fates Pokemon TCG expansion

Most valuable cards in the Paldean Fates Pokemon TCG expansion
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Daniel Megarry

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26th Jan 2024 10:24

With a focus on rare Shinies, the Pokemon TCG Paldean Fates expansion is sure to be a hit with collectors - but which cards are the most valuable?

Shinies are the most coveted catches in the mainline Pokemon games, so combine that with the Trading Card Game and you've got yourself a recipe for hype. Just like 2021's Hidden Fates expansion, this set features lots of Shinies to hunt down alongside the ever-popular full-art Secret Rares.

NOTE: Updated on January 29, 2024 to reflect current pricing.

Most valuable Paldean Fates Pokemon cards

Here are the Paldean Fates cards that are fetching the highest prices based on TCGPlayer's market values at the time of writing:

Name Market Value Card
Shiny Charizard ex (Special Illustration Rare) $162.29
Shiny Charizard card
Click to enlarge
Shiny Mew ex (Special Illustration Rare) $94
Shiny Mew card
Click to enlarge
Shiny Gardevoir ex (Special Illustration Rare) $66
Shiny Gardevoir card
Click to enlarge
Iono (Special Illustration Rare) $66
Ioni Special Illustration Rare card
Click to enlarge
Pikachu (Shiny Rare) $31
Shiny Pikachu card
Click to enlarge
Nemona (Special Illustration Rare) $23
Nemona Special Illustration Rare card
Click to enlarge
Penny (Special Illustration Rare) $23
Penny Special Illustration Rare card
Click to enlarge
Clive (Special Illustration Rare) $23
Clive Special Illustration Rare card
Click to enlarge
Charmander (Shiny Rare) $20
Shiny Charmander card
Click to enlarge
Lucario (Shiny Rare) $14
Shiny Lucario card
Click to enlarge

The value of these cards will likely change over time, especially as the initial hype from the set's release starts to die down, but the list above should give you a good idea of which cards will fetch the highest prices.

What is the most expensive Paldean Fates card?

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, the most valuable card in the Paldean Fates expansion is currently the Special Illustration Rare variant of Shiny Tera Charizard ex. While rankings do sometimes fluctuate, this is a card that's unlikely to lose the top spot in the future.

Aside from the obvious popularity of Charizard cards, it's not hard to see why this one is doing so well. The illustration from the ever-talented AKIRA EGAWA is absolutely stunning and it definitely earns its spot as the ultimate chase card for this expansion.

I love that this card features a brand-new drawing, while also matching the style of the ridiculously popular Special Illustration Rare Tera Charizard ex from last year's Obsidian Flames expansion. These are two cards that will look incredible when framed next to each other.

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Up next is the Special Illustration Rare variation of Shiny Gardevoir ex. It's no secret that Gardevoir is a fan-favourite Pokemon, and this debut card from artist Kuroimori certainly makes an impact. There are even some cute Pokemon cameos to find in the background of the artwork if you look hard enough.

In third place, we have the Special Illustration Rare variation of Shiny Mew ex - which, again, isn't very surprising. This card has been very popular since it was revealed, and The Pokemon Company have made a point of including it in their pre-release promo quite heavily.

A Shiny Mythical Pokemon card was always going to be high value, but a Shiny Mythical Pokemon from the Kanto region? That's ultimate nostalgia bait.

As we said before, the values of these cards will likely change over time, but these three seem destined to be the big hitters of Palean Fates for the foreseeable future.

Now that you know the most valuable Paldean Fates cards, visit our Pokemon homepage for more TCG content like the the most valuable 151 cards or the most valuable Paradox Rift cards.

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