Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Titan Locations: How To Catch Them

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Titan Locations: How To Catch Them
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Finding the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Titan locations are dotted around the map, but just heading to the map icon is not the full story. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet task the player with tracking down five Titan Pokemon, getting to their locations and defeating them. Here is everything you need to know about the five Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Titan locations.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Titan Locations: Stony Cliff Titan Klawf

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Titans can be tackled in any order, but starting from the lowest level brings us to the Stony Cliff Titan, Klawf. To find it, head east from Mesagoza into South Province Area 3. Make your way through the hills until you get a call from Arven. About halfway through, on the north side of the area, you will find the Titan Klawf clinging to a cliff, it is very hard to miss.

After you approach it, the giant Klawf will retreat up the cliff. Go around to the right to make your way up the cliff. The Klawf will be attached to the cliff wall there, approach it to face it in battle, and defeat it to have it rush back down the cliff and open the cave entrance. Defeat it one more time with Arven to complete the encounter.

Later, to catch the ex-Titan Klawf, take the path back up the cliff. At the top of the ramp, you will meet a Klawf, it will not attack and throwing Pokemon at it does nothing. This is how you know you have found an ex-Titan, you need to walk over to them and press A to interact. Now you can battle and catch the Klawf.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Titan Locations: Open Sky Titan Bombardier

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Bombardier is the second Titan in the order of weakest to strongest. To find it, head west from Mesagoza over to West Province Area 1. You will certainly notice it when you head to the northwest of the area, as the Bombardier is on top of a mountain, throwing dropping large boulders. You will need to make your way up the mountain while avoiding falling rocks to face the Open Sky Titan.

Reach the top to engage the Bombardier in battle, after you defeat it once it will fly over to the cave and eat the Herba Mystica, after which you will battle it again with Arven's help. Win this battle to complete the Open Sky Titan battle.

To catch the ex-Titan Bombardier for yourself, return to the location where you first found it. Near the top of the mountain, you will see Bombardier in the middle of the path. Interact with it to start a battle and catch it.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Titan Locations: Lurking Steel Titan Orthworm

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Next up is Orthworm, the Lurking Steel Titan. To find it, head to the mines of East Province Area 3, and climb the watchtower. There are multiple open mines in the area, and the giant Orthworm can be found in one of them. You should easily spot the Titan from the tower, so head over and interact with it.

The Orthworm encounter is a series of chasing the Orthworm around, and battling it. The Orthworm will tunnel under the ground multiple times, so follow its markings until it stops and you can battle it. Eventually, the Titan will reach the Herba Mystica cave, where it will eat it. Then you can take it down with Arven to complete the challenge.

Afterwards, return to the watchtower and go down into the mine just east of it. There may be several Orthworms in the area, but there should be one standing in front of a cave entrance. That is the ex-Titan, which you can interact with to battle and capture.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Titan Locations: Quaking Earth Titan Giant Tusk/Iron Treads

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Depending on which version you are playing, the next Titan is Giant Tusk (Scarlet) or Iron Treads (Violet). Either way, you will find the Titan out west in the Asado Desert. In the open area of the western end of the desert, the Titan Pokemon will be rampaging around, plainly visible from very far away.

The tricky part is catching up to it, as you need to physically interact with it to start the battle, and the Pokemon spends much of its time rolling around the desert. Once you reach it, the process is fairly simple. Defeat it once and it will retreat to the Herba Mystica cave, defeat it again with Arven's help and you are done.

Then if you wish to catch the Pokemon, and you should as it is the first encounter with a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Paradox Pokemon, you can find it standing in the middle of the open western area of the desert.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Titan Locations: False Dragon Titan Dondozo/Tatsugiri

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Finding the final Titan takes us to Casseroya Lake, specifically the easternmost island on the lake. On the southern point of the island, you will find a Tatsugiri. Interact with it and it will be suddenly snapped up by a giant Dondozo. Defeat the Dondozo, then follow it to the larger island to the west.

In the shallows of the northern side of the island, you will encounter it again, it will smash open the entrance to the cave, where the Tatsugiri from earlier will rush in and grab the Herba Mystica, bringing it back and powering up the Dondozo. Defeat it again with Arven's help, then take down the Tatsugiri to complete the challenge.

Later, return to the original spot where you found the Tatsugiri, the southern point of the eastern island. Interact with it to battle and catch it.

That is it for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Titan locations and how to catch them. For more on the game, check out Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Tera Raid Battles explained.

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