Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Auto-Battle: How It Works

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Auto-Battle: How It Works
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23rd Nov 2022 12:07

The new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet auto-battle system is a useful new feature that cuts down grinding time dramatically. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allow you to send your Pokemon out to battle by themselves, although auto-battle is much faster but less reliable than regular battling. Here is everything you need to know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet auto-battle.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Auto-Battle: How It Works

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Using the auto-battle system couldn't be simpler, as the name would suggest. At any time, you can press R or ZR to send your lead Pokemon out. While they might seem to do the same thing, the difference between the two buttons is important. If you see a Pokemon you want to battle, or an item you want to pick up, you can press ZR to send your Pokemon out to do so.

Pressing R also sends your Pokemon out, but it will engage in auto-battles. The difference is that if you use ZR and your Pokemon makes contact with another, you will enter a traditional battle. Auto-battles are a bit like when you can auto-resolve a battle in a strategy game, it is instant, but it might not be the result you would get if you took the time to do it yourself.

The outcome of an auto-battle depends on two things, the level of the Pokemon involved, and their types. Send a water Pokemon to fight an electric Pokemon and it will likely return with its tail between its legs. Send a fire Pokemon to take on a group of grass Pokemon, well that's just free experience.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Auto-Battle: How You Should Use It

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There are two scenarios in which you can use auto-battle, out in the open world and while raiding a Team Star base. While out exploring, you can send your lead Pokemon out to battle any wild Pokemon you see. 

Pokemon with the type advantage can make quick work of dozens of wild Pokemon, making this a great way to level up. Your Pokemon don't get as much experience from auto-battles, but taking down a full group of Pokemon in less time than a single battle is very worth it.

Be sure to pay attention to your Pokemon's health, which appears in the bottom left. Anything but the easiest battles will take a chunk off their health, and outright losses could take half their health in one battle. You need to be mindful because once your Pokemon is sent out to auto-battle, it will continuously seek out Pokemon nearby to battle.

The other time auto-battles become prevalent is during Team Star base raids. You bring three Pokemon into the base, and you need to defeat 30 enemy Pokemon in under 10 minutes in auto-battles to proceed. These battles will test your knowledge as you do not have the time to analyze, and simply have to rely on your chosen Pokemon.

The key to auto-battling is type advantage, even more so than regular battles. Being at the type disadvantage makes auto-battles a bad idea, so be sure to only use it when you know you can win.

That is it for our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet auto-battle guide. For more on the game, check out our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Koraidon and Miraidon upgrade guide.

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