Catch Ditto & Zorua in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with these tips

Catch Ditto & Zorua in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet with these tips
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23rd Nov 2022 14:43

Ditto and Zorua are two of the trickiest Pokemon to catch in the game. The open world of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet makes finding and catching Pokemon far more interesting, especially when some Pokemon can disguise themselves.

Ditto and Zorua are Pokemon capable of changing their appearance, making them much harder to find.

Where can you find Ditto and Zoruat?

There are a number of viable locations where you can find these Pokemon, but the first and easiest to get to is a short road to the west of Medali. If you have not made it that far yet, head to West Provence (Area One), then head north. Drop down into the Asado Desert and cross it to the north.

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On the northern edge of the desert, drop down into the grass West Provence (Area Two). There is a road that goes east through here that leads to a bridge, follow that road. After you cross a second bridge, you will be heading up a hill, and at the top is the town of Medali. The area where you can catch Ditto and Zorua is on that hill, between the bridge and Medali.

How to catch Ditto and Zorua

There are a number of Pokemon you can catch in this area, all of which are around level 30. It would be advisable to be prepared for this area with some similarly levelled Pokemon. The first step is to introduce yourself to all the Pokemon in the area.

If you are an ardent collector and this is your first time here, then chances are you will want to catch some of these Pokemon. If you're lucky, you might find an Eevee or two here.

While battling the Pokemon in the area, you might get lucky and encounter a Zorua, maybe even a Ditto. If you happen upon one, you will know straight away. As soon as the battle starts, they will transform back into their regular form. Zorua will battle you as itself, but as it is known to do, Ditto will transform itself into a copy of your Pokemon. For both, you simply need to weaken them and catch them.

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Finding Zorua and Ditto is the difficult part, but it needn't be as painful as blatant trial and error. You do not need to battle every Pokemon you see, there are ways to figure out when you have a Zorua or Ditto in play. The first method isn't as simple as the second, but it is a bit more interesting.

All Pokemon in the wild react to you, and how they react to you depends on what kind of Pokemon they are. For example, there are many Persians and Vigoroths in this area, both of whom are aggressive Pokemon that will attack you. Should you encounter one of these Pokemon and find it to be much more shy, then you are dealing with a disguised Zorua or Ditto.

The second method is much easier, in fact it feels a bit like cheating. What you may or may not know, is that you can hold ZL to zoom your view. Doing so will lock your camera onto a Pokemon in front of you. This will bring up the Pokemon's name and level, provided you have encountered this Pokemon type before. Any Pokemon you have not met will show up as three question marks.

This mechanic works on Zorua and Ditto, even if they are disguised. This is why it is a good idea to battle or catch all the Pokemon in the area. If you lock on to a Pokemon you have encountered already and it shows up as "???", then that Pokemon is Zorua or Ditto in disguise. Better still, once you have battled Zorua or Ditto, you will be able to see their names when you lock onto them, even while disguised.

So the optimal method is to go to the road west of Medali, battle any and all Pokemon there to make sure you have them all in your Pokdex, then use ZL to inspect Pokemon in the area to sleuth out the Zorua and Ditto among them.

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