Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Story Paths

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Story Paths
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The three Pokemon Scarlet and Violet story paths will take you all over Paldea. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet allows players to tackle these stories any way they want, with no set order to these story paths. Here is everything you need to know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet story paths.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Story Path: How To Begin

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When you first start the game, you will be taken through a prologue section. This will take you through getting your first Pokemon, learning the basics, meeting the important characters, and getting to the academy. You simply need to follow this prologue along until you leave the academy, at which point you are free to explore the region.

The game will explain this to you fairly well, but the basics of it are that there are three objectives. Victory Road will have you take on the gyms in each town, then face the Elite Four as you would in any Pokemon game. There are gigantic Titan Pokemon around the map that you must track down and defeat to complete the Path of Legends. Last but not least, Starfall Street has you face off against the antagonistic group Team Star.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are truly open-world games, you can travel as far and wide as you like from very early on. However, the game does not scale to your level, meaning you will need to train your Pokemon well to meet many of these challenges.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Story Paths: Victory Road

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This is the classic Pokemon story; there are eight gyms spread across the region, each with a gym leader who will give you a badge should you defeat them. Each gym in the game has a gym challenge, and you can learn more about those in our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gym leaders gears.

There really is nothing stopping you from tackling the gyms in any order, but there is a definitive order going from easiest to hardest. This order could be interpreted as the "correct" order to tackle the gyms, and the order is as follows: Katy in Cortondo, Brassius in Artazon, Iono in Levincia, Kofu in Cascarrafa, Larry in Medali, Rhyme in Montenevera, Tulip in Alfornada, and Grusha in Glaseado.

Once all eight are defeated and you have their badges, you can head to the Pokemon League just northwest of Mesagoza. There you can take on the Elite Four, and challenge the Champion for the title.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Story Paths: Path Of Legends

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This story has us working with Arven to track down the Titan Pokemon. There are five of these colossal Pokemon around the region. Arven wants your help seeking these giants out because each one guards a special herb, known as a Herba Mystica. Arven wants them for his sandwiches, but you have another reason to seek them out.

Each Titan you defeat upgrades your legendary Pokemon, between Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Koraidon and Miraidon. Each upgrade gives the Pokemon another traversal ability, such as swimming or gliding. Taking down the Titans restores your legendary Pokemon to its full strength, and makes getting around much easier for you.

In order from lowest level to highest, these are the Stony Cliff Titan, the Open Sky Titan, the Lurking Steel Titan, the Quaking Earth Titan, and the False Dragon Titan.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Story Paths: Starfall Street

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The third story path and objective spanning the map is Starfall Street, which involves taking down the rebellious Team Star. They have five bases throughout Paldea, and you need to clear out each of them to progress. Each of the bases has a theme based on a Pokemon type. Those types, in order from the lowest level to highest, are dark, fire, poison, fairy, and fighting.

Each base is a similar process, you must infiltrate the base, defeat a Team Star member, defeat several of their Pokemon in quick battles, and then defeat the local leader. The leader will use the same type of Pokemon as the rest of the base, but their last Pokemon is always a modified Revaroom called Starmobile, which will also be the same type as the rest.

Once you have cleared all five Team Star bases, head back to the academy in Mesagoza to face off against one final opponent. The final boss has Pokemon around level 60, so be sure you are prepared for that.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Story Paths: Where To Start

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As mentioned, there is no hard and fast order to how you approach these objectives. We can discern some kind of order from the levels of the Pokemon you face in each challenge, but those can be largely ignored. The only thing really preventing you from completely going a different way is that the game still uses the system in which you need gym badges to effectively use higher-level Pokemon.

Based purely on level requirements, it seems that the game would have you hopping back and forth between these three story paths, gradually completing each of them as you make your way north from Mesagoza. So generally speaking, your objective is to head north while taking on various gyms, Titans, and Team Star bases.

Our best recommendation is to explore Paldea bit by bit. Travel around, catch Pokemon, defeat trainers, and find items. If you take your time, when you come to an objective, chances are you will be prepared for it. If you come to a challenge that is way ahead of you, back off and try something else, then come back when you are ready. The point is to explore, and make the adventure your own.

That is it for the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet story paths. For more tips, check out Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Which one is better?

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