Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Picnics Explained

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Picnics Explained
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24th Nov 2022 11:58

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet picnics are a mechanic that serves several purposes. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet make many steps forward for the series, particularly in how we can interact with our Pokemon. Picnics can be set up anywhere out in the wild because Pokemon deserve a break too. Here is everything you need to know about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet picnics.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Picnics: Features

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Anytime while you are out exploring, you can open your menu and select Picnic to start one. Doing so will set up your picnic table and release all your party Pokemon. Your Pokemon will wander around during the picnic, mostly playing with the ball or sleeping. While they are out, there are some ways you can interact with them.

Pressing A on a Pokemon will show a number of hearts above their head, which shows their friendship level with you. You can also press Y to wash your Pokemon. First, you soap them up, then you rinse them off. Doing so will increases their friendship with you, making this useful for Pokemon that evolve with high friendship, like Riolu or Eevee.

Head over to the picnic table to see the other options you have. From here you can customise your picnic set, change up the tablecloth or the utensils, and even change up the ball your Pokemon play with. Most importantly, it is here at the picnic table that you can make sandwiches.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Picnics: Sandwiches

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The craft of making sandwiches in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is vital in many ways. The mechanics of making sandwiches is quite detailed, you can buy dozens of ingredients in shops to create many different kinds of sandwiches. You can even go into creative mode to make a sandwich with whichever ingredients you want.

The reason why sandwiches are so important is that eating food grants bonuses. You can eat food at restaurants and cafes, but sandwiches can be made anywhere and using the right ingredients will guarantee certain bonuses. The available bonuses are as follows:

  • Egg Power: Increased chance to find Pokemon Eggs
  • Catching Power: Increased chance that captures will succeed
  • Exp. Point Power: More Exp. Points gained
  • Item Drop Power: More materials found after battles
  • Title Power: More likely to find Pokemon with titles
  • Sparkling Power: More likely to find Shiny Pokemon
  • Humungo Power: More likely to find large Pokemon
  • Teensy Power: More likely to find small Pokemon
  • (Type) Encounter Power: More likely to find (Type) Pokemon
  • Raid Power: Earn more items in Tera Raid Battles

There are some extremely useful buffs on that list, and each can be tailored to your specific needs. The Sparkling Power is particularly useful for hardcore players who like to do some shiny hunting. Regardless of your playstyle, there are useful bonuses to be gotten from making sandwiches, so it could be worth your while to invest in some good ingredients.

That is it for our rundown of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet picnics. For more on the game, check out our guide to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet photo mode.

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