How To Unlock Guns In MW2

How To Unlock Guns In MW2
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28th Oct 2022 08:54

Unlocking Modern Warfare 2 guns is a crucial part of the game. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 introduces us to the new Gunsmith 2.0, the recent UI changes, some returning mechanics like Dolphin Dive, and other similar things. While the community is busy debating whether Modern Warfare 2 should switch back to the classic mini-map that marked players using weapons without silencers with red dots, we have the Gunsmith 2.0 and the question of unlocking new guns in Modern Warfare 2 that needs some explanation. Continue reading our guide on how to unlock guns in Modern Warfare 2 as we explain the new Gunsmith 2.0 while answering the question of how to unlock regular and secret weapons in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2: How To Unlock Guns

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You can unlock guns in Modern Warfare 2 by equipping various firearms from the Loadout menu and levelling them up. In Modern Warfare 2's Gunsmith 2.0, you will find this new attachment called Receiver. This utterly new section allows players to unlock and equip guns associated with that respective weapon's progression. 

So suppose you have equipped a weapon like the M4 and are using it in matches and levelling it up. When you reach Level 13 with the weapon, you will unlock the Receiver attachment that allows you to use the FTAC Recon assault rifle. Progressing further to level 18 will unlock the 556 Icarus LMG. 


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Moreover, using and levelling the FTAC Recon assault rifle to Level 16 will unlock the FSS Hurricane submachine gun. We know this new progression and weapon unlock system sounds confusing, but it has benefits. But before talking about that, you can get rid of the weapon unlock system confusion by simply navigating to the Gunsmith section of any weapon from the Loadout menu and then selecting the Progression tab to check which weapons you can unlock by progressing the chosen weapon. 

So how does this new Gunsmith system in Modern Warfare 2 better than the previous ones? The answer is you do not have to unlock similar attachments for every weapon. Before unlocking a weapon in Modern Warfare 2, you unlock a series of attachments that you use in the newly unlocked weapons. 

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