All Vehicle Camo Challenges & rewards in MW2 & Warzone

All Vehicle Camo Challenges & rewards in MW2 & Warzone
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31st Aug 2023 14:37


Season 05 Reloaded introduces Vehicle Camo Challenges to MW2 and Warzone. You've seen Weapon Camo Challenges before, but Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone have never had Vehicle Camo Challenges. This primer details all the Vehicle Camo Challenges and what rewards you can unlock in the game by completing these limited-time challenges in MW2 and Warzone.

MW2 & Warzone Vehicle Camo Challenges: Dates and times

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The Vehicle Camo Challenges are live in MW2 and Warzone as of August 30, 2023, with Season 05 Reloaded. These challenges will be available for the duration of Season 05 before they expire alongside the release of Season 05 in late September.

All Vehicle Camo Challenges in MW2 & Warzone

The in-game Vehicle Camo Challenges
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Below are MW2 and Warzone's first-ever Vehicle Camo Challenges:

  • JLTV: Get 30 Enemy Kills by running them over with the vehicle
  • Armored Truck (DMZ Only): Ram five enemy vehicles at high speed
  • ATV: Stay in the air while in the vehicle for five seconds
  • Heavy Tank: Get 20 Operator Kills with either turret
  • Hatchback: Get ten Operator Kills while leaning out of the vehicle
  • Light Helo: Refuel your helicopter at ten different gas stations
  • PWC: Visit five POIs while driving the vehicle
  • Armored Patrol Boat: Get 20 Enemy Kills with the boat turret
  • Dirt Bike: Perform 20 air tricks with the Dirt Bike
  • MRAP: Get 30 Operator Kills using the turrets on the MRAP

These Vehicle Camo Challenges aren't for the faint of heart. Completing all these tasks will take far more effort to clear than most Weapon Camo Challenges. 

For starters, you will probably need a friend or two to complete a few of these challenges. For example, getting turret kills and kills while leaning out of Hatchback will be a lot easier if you have someone serving as the driver.

Before you can even begin attempting these challenges, you must get your hands on the various vehicles associated with the challenges. Vehicles aren't always sitting in plain sight, and there are only so many vehicles to go around. Your best bet is to play vehicle-heavy playlists like Ground War, Armored Royale, and DMZ.

That's right - while most players probably associate Camo Challenges with Multiplayer and Warzone, you can complete them in DMZ too! If a challenge mentions Enemy Kills instead of Operator Kills, that means that kills on AI Combatants also count.

Rewards for completing the Vehicle Camo Challenges in MW2 & Warzone

The exclusive Vehicle Skin you get for completing Vehicle Camo Challenges
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Each Vehicle Camo Challenge you complete unlocks an exclusive Vehicle Skin for the corresponding vehicle. To unlock the camouflage on all 12 vehicle types, you must complete all 12 Vehicle Camo Challenges.

It seems the developers recognise how difficult some of the Vehicle Camo Challenges are, so to get the Mastery Rewards, you only need to complete six of the 12 Vehicle Camo Challenges. Finish at least six Vehicle Camo Challenges to unlock a one-of-a-kind Weapon Blueprint, Loading Screen, and Emblem.

That's all there is to the Vehicle Camo Challenges in MW2 and Warzone. Show off your aptitude for vehicular combat to complete the Vehicle Camo Challenges and unlock limited-time rewards.

With Call of Duty Carry Forward, the rewards from the Vehicle Camo Challenges will carry over to Modern Warfare 3

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