How to use the Friend Recommender in MW2 & Warzone

How to use the Friend Recommender in MW2 & Warzone
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31st Aug 2023 16:41

Season 5 Reloaded puts forward a new social-related feature to MW2 and Warzone titled the Friend Recommender. The Friend Recommender is designed specially to help players find new friends to play with on Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. With the introduction of Friend Recommender, you never have to play the game alone again if you don't want to!

  • Season 5 Reloaded also adds the Play Again feature to MW2 Multiplayer

What is the MW2 & Warzone Friend Recommender?

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The Friend Recommender is a brand-new social-related feature available in MW2 and Warzone. As the name of the feature suggests, the Friend Recommender is to help players find new squadmates with similar playstyles and interests.

  • You can use Recruit a Friend to encourage a friend to give Warzone a try or convince friends who haven't played in a couple of months to check out what's new

How to use the Friend Recommender in MW2 & Warzone

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There are two distinct ways the Friend Recommender works to connect individuals. For starters, the Friend Recommender will suggest Friends of Friends. If someone is listed under Friends of Friends, you can rest assured that you share at least one friend. Having a mutual friend is a great icebreaker, and if they're tight with one of your mates, chances are you two might get along, too!

The second way MW2 and Warzone's Friend Recommender feature pairs potential friends together is more in-depth and dynamic. The Friend Recommender will use what it knows about you to suggest other individuals who play the same game modes, get online at similar times, or are part of the same Groups, among other matchmaking criteria. Furthermore, the Friend Recommender will enlighten you on why it recommended that player, so you aren't in the dark as to what makes you two a great pairing!

That's the basics of how to use the Friend Recommender in MW2 and Warzone. It's never been easier to get a squad together to play Call of Duty. Even if your best buddies aren't online, you can use the Friend Recommender to meet new people and expand your circle of friends!

Need help completing the Faction Showdown Weapon Camo Challenges or the Vehicle Camo Challenges? Use the Friend Recommender to build the perfect crew

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