Modern Warfare 2 Fans Plead For 'Classic Mini Map'

Modern Warfare 2 Fans Plead For 'Classic Mini Map'
Infinity Ward

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Jack Marsh


19th Sep 2022 13:40

It's the small details that can make or break a Call of Duty game, which is unfortunate for the developers looking to install some personality into a new generation of the game and avoid repetition. But even the omission of a red dot on the mini-map can cause a catastrophic uproar.

Since day one, Call of Duty players have relied on information given from the mini-map to identify enemy gunfire and player locations, in between sweeping UAV killstreaks.

However, since Infinity Ward produced Modern Warfare in 2019, the devs have done away with the usual system, and it appears players are sick and tired of the randomness of player locations in Modern Warfare 2 already.

Modern Warfare 2 Players Call For Classic Mini-Maps To Be Reinstated

The Classic mini-map showed enemies' whereabouts when firing an unsilenced weapon, highlighting their position with a red dot and allowing you to see the flow of oncoming fire. However, since Call of Duty's attitude shifted towards protecting 'casuals', the devs have ditched this staple of the franchise for a map that is only highlighted when a UAV is active.

With this being implemented, many of Call of Duty's player base has called for a reversal, with a poll of over 25,000 votes leading to an 87.8% sway in favour of the old version. Many feel like the lack of information results in a slower pace of game and an unpredictable structure to the spawns, given players are dotted all around the battlefield.


Infinity Ward Believes New Mini-Map Avoids Campers From 'Being Hunted'

According to FaZe Clan superstar Kris "Swagg" Lamberson, back in 2019, Infinity Ward Co-Design Director of Multiplayer Joe Cecot revealed that the new mini-map (designed for MW) is to come into play to 'avoid players getting hunted'.

Swagg explained that Cecot was adamant that this is how they want the game to be, despite backlash three years ago, and further detailed that Infinity Ward saw the lack of red dots as a way to really value earning UAVs. The system then allows players with a lower skill-level to be able to effectively hide from those of higher quality, inviting campers and punishing awareness-focused shooters.

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