Best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles: What Is The Best MW2 AR?

Best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles: What Is The Best MW2 AR?
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Jack Marsh


28th Oct 2022 15:25

Assault Rifles. The bread and butter of Call of Duty gameplay, yet criminally undervalued. Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles (2009) are some of the most timeless weapons in the franchise’s history. Yes, we’re looking at you, ACR. With the new gunsmith options come a whole new catalogue of Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles looking to write their own pages in the history books, and maybe, just maybe, you might spy a timeless classic. But, you’ll be wondering what is the best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifle list, and we’ve got you covered…

Best Modern Warfare 2 Assault Rifles

3 - Lachmann-556

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The first Modern Warfare 2 assault rifle is a steady pick for your chosen weapon, especially during the beta before later-unlocked guns take over. While it might soon be eclipsed by guns further down the list, the Lachmann-556 is a great starting point on the best Modern Warfare 2 assault rifles list. It’s not greatly blessed with range, but you’ll make quite a bloodbath if you can find those areas between SMG and LMG ranges. Perfect for a sweet spot.

2 - M4

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Well, you’ll already know what you’re getting from the M4. It's a staple of the assault rifle class, and it’s as reliable as ever before. The familiar iron sights return that make piercing opponents a joyful experience, while the body itself bares little recoil and bounce while packing quite a punch. You might soon find that the Modern Warfare assault rifle developers will be keen to show the M4 a bit of love, given its status in the Call of Duty franchise.

Looking at giving the M4 a go, we have the best M4 loadout in Modern Warfare 2.


1 - Kastov 762

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Don't be kidded by its name, the AK-47 always worms its way into a Call of Duty title and boy is this variant one of its best. The Kastov 762 is by far the best MW2 assault rifle, which is quite difficult to find considering the TTK is absurdly low this year. However, an AR is supposed to be an all-rounder and the Kastov 762 is everything you need and more. Up close, no problem. Across the map, no problem. Mounted on a head glitch, no problem, you're winning every gunfight in Modern Warfare 2 with the Kastov 762.

The Assault Rifle class is destined to rule over Modern Warfare 2, given its versatility and appeal to map design, so it understanding the best MW2 ARs is definitely for the best. Shoot straight, soldiers.

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