Best ISO 45 Modern Warfare 2 loadout: Attachments, class & perks

Best ISO 45 Modern Warfare 2 loadout: Attachments, class & perks
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Alex Garton


15th Jun 2023 16:41


The ISO 45 was added with the Modern Warfare 2 Season 4 update and although the SMG category is competitive, players are still searching to find the strongest loadout for the new pint-sized SMG.

Described as a high-fire rate weapon with a lightweight design, the ISO 45 is perfect for rampaging around multiplayer maps and racking up countless kills.

However, if you want to transform this SMG into the ultimate threat in Modern Warfare 2, you’ll need a meta MW2 ISO 45 loadout.

Luckily, we've got you covered with the best MW2 attachments for the ISO 45 so you can take this gun’s power to the next level.

Best ISO 45 Modern Warfare 2 loadout

ISO 45 MW2
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  • Magazine: 45-Round Drum
  • Rear Grip: EXP Shear
  • Stock: SK-3 Cheetah
  • Muzzle: Lockshot KT85
  • Laser: 1MW Quick Fire Laser

For starters, kick off your ISO 45 setup with the Lockshot KT 85 to aid the gun’s overall stability, adding extra horizontal and vertical recoil control.

Next, utilise the SK-3 Cheetah stock and the 1MW Quick Fire Laser for a huge improvement in mobility, ADS time, and aim walking speed.

Following this, you could use an optic like the Cronen Mini Pro, but we recommend the EXP Shear rear grip for the added ADS time and movement bonuses.

Finally, round off the MW2 ISO 45 loadout with the 45-Round Drum to ensure you always have plenty of ammo on your killing sprees.

Best ISO 45 MW2 class: Equipment & perks


  • Perk 1: Overkill
  • Perk 2: Bomb Squad
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix


  • Lethal: Grenade
  • Tactical: Stim

When it comes to perks, we first advise that you make use of Overkill to give you access to a second primary weapon. As the ISO 45 is built for face-to-face combat, it struggles from a distance, so having access to a meta AR is essential.

Next, equip Bomb Squad to reduce damage taken from killstreaks and of course, Fast Hands is a must so you can instantly switch to your other weapon during an intense gunfight.

It’s key you use Quick Fix as the Ultimate as it’s built for multiplayer and the regen means you won’t get punished for playing aggressively.

Then to round off, use a Grenade to put pressure on foes and a Stim for that extra health when it’s needed most.

How to unlock ISO 45 in Modern Warfare 2

In order to unlock the ISO 45 SMG in MW2 and Warzone 2, you'll need to complete Sector D19 of the Season 4 Battle Pass.

Best ISO 45 alternative in Modern Warfare 2

MW2 Vaznev 9k
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If the ISO 45 doesn’t feel right or isn’t quite performing for you in-game, consider checking out the lethal Vaznev-9k.

Another powerful weapon, this SMG has a blistering TTK that will decimate any foes in your path, especially if you’re an aggressive player who loves taking gunfights.

Make use of the Vaznev’s top-tier mobility and you’re guaranteed to see incredible results in multiplayer.

So, there you have it, that's the best ISO 45 loadout in Modern Warfare 2’s current meta. Be sure to check out our MW2 homepage for all of the latest news and guides.

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