All Characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns

All Characters in Marvel's Midnight Suns
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8th Nov 2022 10:54

Do you want to know all of the characters showing up in Marvel's Midnight Suns? The heroes of Marvel will be taking on an all-new threat in Marvel's Midnight SunsLilith and her forces of Hydra. This strategy game, developed by X-COM: Enemy Unknown studio Firaxis Games, will put the likes of Spider-Man, Wolverine, Blade, and many more fan-favourite characters together in one experience. Here are all the Marvel heroes who are playable in Marvel's Midnight Suns. 

Every Playable Hero in Marvel's Midnight Suns

Doctor Strange Marvel's Midnight Suns
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As of November 2022, here are all the announced characters that will be playable in Marvel's Midnight Suns that range from classic well-known heroes to modern favourites. 

  • Blade
  • Captain America 
  • Captain Marvel 
  • Doctor Strange
  • Ghost Rider 
  • Iron Man 
  • Magik 
  • Nico Minoru 
  • Scarlet Witch 
  • Spider-Man 
  • Wolverine 

There is also a new character called The Hunter who is making their debut in the game. In the past, this hasn't worked well. For example, Activision's X-Men: Destiny featured three original characters in the universe, and they were all touted as bland by players and critics alike. The name "The Hunter" doesn't give us much confidence as it's such a bland hero name, but we can be proven wrong. 

There are also four heroes that have been announced as part of the season pass. These characters will be released, one-by-one, after the launch, allowing you to jump back into the game with some new blood. These are:

  • Deadpool
  • Morbius
  • Storm
  • Venom


  • Marvel has had its influence on Fortnite. Here are some of the heroes and villains we'd love to see in the battle royale.

What is The Rationale For These Marvel Heroes Forming This Team?

Marvel's Midnight Suns The Hunter
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Marvel's Midnight Suns, inspired by the comic books, brings together a menagerie of heroes throughout the universe. For example, your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man and Iron Man are joining forces with some more obscure characters from the comics like Magik and Nico Minoru. 

The reason behind it is that they needed to find people to counter Lilith, who calls herself the Mother of Demons. Spider-Man, Captain America, and the others required their knowledge of the supernatural and their powers. The Hunter is an original character we customize and has been brought back to life. They are supposedly the only one who has beaten Lilith in the past, so Earth's Mightiest Heroes require their assistance.

Marvel's Midnight Suns will be released on December 2, 2022, for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. 

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