Marvel skins we need to see in Fortnite

Marvel skins we need to see in Fortnite
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24th Mar 2022 17:07

Fortnite is quite the "marvel", isn't it? Even five years after we first jumped off the Battle Bus and into action, Epic Games keeps us coming back for more. From the Medieval madness of Season 2 to the flooded fun of Chapter 2 Season 3, the bow-pulling primal prowess of Chapter 2 Season 6 to the web-slinging woes of Chapter 3 Season 1, it's clear the team isn't running out of ideas.

Among Fortnite's most popular seasons have been the various Marvel-themed outings, with the aforementioned Spider-Man season and Chapter 2 Season 4's Nexus War being standouts. While Nexus War ticked off a fair few heroes and villains in terms of skins, the decades of Marvel Comics show we've only just scratched the surface.

Since then, we've added fan-favourites like Black Widow, Ghost Rider, and Daredevil to the roster, but even then, there's a whole cosmos of characters who deserve their time in the spotlight. Even though Chapter 3 Season 2 continues the might of Marvel with Prowler and Doctor Strange, fans are calling for even more spandex-clad supes to join the fight. With this in mind, here are 10 Marvel skins we need to see in Fortnite.


Magneto Fortnite Skin
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Marvel Comics

This Master of Magnetism is sure to be a "pull" to the Fortnite map, as the big bad of the X-Men series could cause havoc across the game. We could be here all day naming potential X-Men crossover skins, but as the team's ultimate enemy, Magneto has earned a place in Fortnite

When Chapter 2 Season 4 released, some were disappointed that there weren't enough villains. Given that we've already had Mystique as Magneto's partner in crime, his arrival means he'd be in good company with the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch
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Like father like daughter. A skin that has been repeatedly teased but not made the jump yet is Scarlet Witch. Back when WandaVision was all the rage on our screens, we're surprised Wanda Maximoff and Vis didn't end up in the item shop.

More than just being known as the daughter of Magneto, Wanda has hit the mainstream thanks to Elizabeth Olsen's portrayal of the MCU. With an upcoming turn in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we'd keep an eye out for her this season.

Frog Thor

Frog Thor Fortnite Skin
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Marvel Comics

Bear with us on this one... Frog Thor. In the comics, Frog Thor was a man called Simon Walterson - cured by a witch and turned into a frog. The reason he took on the God of Thunder mantle is because he managed to lift a sliver of Thor's hammer and transform into Throg. But why are we telling you all of this?

In Disney+'s Loki, one of the best deep cut Easter eggs was a tiny inclusion of Throg as part of the show's weird multiverse. Realistically, Frog Thor would likely have to be a back bling a bit like Rocket Racoon is on Groot, but still, picture the scene of a giant, hammer-throwing, frog. This stuff practically sells itself. 

Old Man Logan

Old Man Logan Fortnite
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Wolverine is all well and good with his classic spandex, but for anyone who's watched David Mangold's Logan, you'll know the grizzled and old version is much more interesting. For a man that seemingly doesn't age and can constantly heal, the visage of a battered and beaten Logan is a tragic one.

Away from the Hugh Jackman version of the character, it's interesting to note that Epic Games might already be teasing an Old Man Logan skin thanks to the upcoming crossover comic book. Even though we've had Fortnite x Marvel Comics before, an alternate cover for Fortnite x Marvel: Zero War #1 teases a new cast of characters, with what looks like Old Man Logan. We expect to see him before the season is out.

Captain Carter

Captain Carter Marvel's What...If?
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Sticking with weird Multiverse variants, let's champion a likeness of Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter - well, a very specific version. Marvel's What... If? was a surprise delight of last year, with the animated anthology running through various scenarios of what could've been in the MCU. A highlight was Atwell's beefed-up Captain Carter.

In an alternate reality where Peggy was the one who took the Super Soldier serum, this super-strength hero became the poster girl for World War II. Remembering that are certain rumours Atwell will be returning to live-action for Multiverse of Madness, we'd love to see her flex her muscles in the Fortnite shop. 


Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus No Way Home
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"No, enough of the Spider-Man skins," you might cry. Web-Head might have been Stan Lee's favourite creation, but even we'll admit there has been A LOT of Spider-Man content in Fortnite. Still, we've had multiple wall-crawlers, Green Goblin, and even two Mary Jane Watsons. So, where's Doc Ock?

Alfred Molina gave us one of the best superhero movie performances of all time in 2004's Spider-Man 2. Pulling off an amazing turn and delivering an equally misunderstood portrayal in last year's Spider-Man: No Way Home, we think it's about time he was honoured in Fortnite. Just imagine seeing that tentacled terror darting across the map.

The Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Fortnite Skins
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Marvel Comics

Four heads are better than one, and when it comes to Marvel's First Family, the Fantastic Four have shown it time and time again. Okay, so not quite at the box office. We know Spider-Man trilogy director Jon Watts is hoping to reboot the Fantastic Four in live-action, but to be honest, we're surprised Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm haven't graced the Fortnite shop yet.

Whether it's buying the skins individually or as part of the supersized bundle, the Fantastic Four would be a welcome addition to the ever-growing library of Marvel x Fortnite skins. Each could come with their own variant to show off their powers, so picture the scene where you can run around as the Human Torch - then randomly burst into flames. 

Red Skull

Red Skull Fortnite
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Marvel Comics

Another iconic villain yet to jump off the Battle Bus is Red Skull. Played brilliantly by Hugo Weaving in Captain America: The First Avengers, Red Skull later returned (played by The Walking Dead's Ross Marquand) for Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame

It's easy to default to just sticking heroes in Fortnite, but we want some more baddies. Cap himself has already stopped by in Fortnite, so why not his nemesis to level the playing field? Namely, we just think a Red Skull skin would look pretty cool thanks to the villain's horrifying look. 


Spider-Gwen Fortnite
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This is the last Spider-Man one, we promise. All these MJs in the Fortnite shop, but where's Gwen Stacy? As the first love of Peter Parker - and known for that harrowing death at the hands of Green Goblin - Gwen is an icon in her own right. That's before you remember she was resurrected in the comics and even took on her own superhero persona as Spider-Gwen.

As well as being popular enough on her own, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse catapulted Spider-Gwen into the mainstream. Hailee Steinfeld will be back to voice her for the upcoming sequel, but to be honest, if Spider-Gwen doesn't come to Fortnite before then, we'll riot.

Moon Knight

Moon Knight Fortnite
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Finally, it's time to suit up as Marc Spector. One skin we're pretty sure is on the horizon, is a tie-in to the Moon Knight series. Oscar Isaac is playing the troubled hero who comes with a dark past, with the character's long-awaited MCU debut being one of this year's big events.

Spector suffers from disassociative identity disorder, meaning Epic could also donate some of the proceeds to a mental health charity. The guy is basically Marvel's answer to Batman, and with enough Dark Knight skins to fill a warehouse, it's about time we got someone different. 


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