A New Marvel Fighting Game Could Be On The Way

A New Marvel Fighting Game Could Be On The Way
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Tom Chapman


30th Jun 2022 10:48

Scarlet Witch is lacing up her boxing gloves, Hulk is doing lunges in the corner, and Loki has just been KO'ed, as it sounds like a new Marvel fighting game could be on the way.

While the world waits for news on NetherRealm's long-rumoured Injustice 3 to watch Superman and Batman duke it out with your favourite Mortal Kombat characters, others want to see Ms. Marvel step into the ring to beat the living snot out of Professor Xavier. 

Is A Marvel Fighting Game On The Way?

Back in the day, you might remember that Marvel vs. Capcom was a comic book and fighting crossover before Injustice was even a thing. 1996's X-Men vs. Street Fighter was an arcade classic, which led to highs like Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but with the series lying dormant since 2017's Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, there's definitely a gap in the market for a Marvel fighting game. 

According to XboxEra podcaster Shpeshal Nick, Marvel and Electronic Arts have partnered on a new IP, meaning a very different kind of Marvel fighting game could be on the way. Even though Nick said the original source isn't one he's entirely confident in, he thought he'd share the news anyway. Yeah, why not? 

Throwing some fuel on the Human Torch, leaker The Thiny posted on Twitter and added more to the story by reiterating they've heard it's a Marvel fighting game partnered with EA. There were no other details, other than the fact it's nothing to do with the rumoured Marvel vs. DC game that was tipped to be coming from NetherRealm a while back. 

What Could The Marvel Fighting Game Be?

What's interesting here is that The Tiny is best-known for Mortal Kombat leaks, so clearly has the inside track on the fighting scene. The thing is, we've had plenty of Marvel fighting games before. They're usually limited to being underwhelming mobile games like Marvel: Future Fight or Marvel Strike Force that are littered with microtransactions. If this one really has EA behind it, it could be a full-blown fighter for consoles.

Either way, whatever is or isn't on the way is likely a long way off. If EA is working with Marvel, the project is likely in the very early stages of development. You'll also remember the glory days of X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse which isn't technically a fighter, but was an action RPG. The term "fighting game" is a broad one, but if we get a Marvel fighter to rival Injustice, EA could be onto a winner here. Namely, we'd love to re-enact Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' harrowing Illuminati scene.

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