Where To Find The Lost Ark Signatus Location

Where To Find The Lost Ark Signatus Location
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6th Oct 2022 11:12

You'll want to know how to find and defeat the Lost Ark Signatus world boss, and he's a tough fight for any player. Lost Ark has a tonne of unique world bosses you can defeat during your travels across Arkesia, with them often taking large groups of players to take down. Signatus is a giant mech with a variety of hard-hitting attacks. So check out how to defeat the Lost Ark Signatus boss below. 

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Lost Ark Signatus: Where To Find Them?

Lost Ark Signatus location
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Signatus's spawn location is on the continent of Arthetine, which is located on the east of the world map. You will need to reach combat level 50 and equipped item level 250 before taking them on, and as an end-game world boss, they are much tougher than any of the ones that will have come prior. Once you are on the continent, navigate toward the Scraplands where you can find Signatus toward the north of the area, which we've highlighted above. 

All the Lost Ark world bosses have respawn timers, so if Signatus isn't around once you arrive, keep an eye out on the area chat. Other players will no doubt be looking for the big mecha boss too, and they will likely call out in the chat which channel to swap to if they spot Signatus. You can swap channels with the drop-down menu in the top right of the screen. Not only is it seen as good etiquette to call out where world bosses are, but you will need the help of other players to slay them.


Signatus offers many of the same rewards as other world bosses when slain, dropping various items, resources, currency, and experience. You can earn a first kill reward when you defeat them for the first time, which gives you a chest with three epic pieces of equipment and fills in the world bosses section of your Adventurer's Tome.  

Now you know how to locate the Lost Ark Signatus world boss and defeat them.

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