Lost Ark Jewel Coral: How To Earn A Yellow Or Azure Turtle Mount

Lost Ark Jewel Coral: How To Earn A Yellow Or Azure Turtle Mount
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The Lost Ark Jewel Coral is a one-off item that can be found during your adventures in the seas of Arkesia. Lost Ark has many collectibles, items, and secrets, with many one-off items that can be found in specific locations. The Lost Ark Jewel Coral lets you claim a unique mount, so check out how to find one and earn your ride. 

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Lost Ark Jewel Coral: How To Find It

Lost Ark Jewel Coral turtle island
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The Jewel Coral is a rare tier item that can be gained on Turtle Island as a reward for completing the To the Sea quest. The island is found off the coast of Anikka, and you need access to Lost Ark ships before you're able to venture there. 

The To the Sea quest also requires you to be level 50 and above and comes at the end of a quest chain beginning with The Turtle and the Boy which starts when you find someone on Turtle Island. Completing the questline will ensure you earn the Jewel Coral, along with some rewards like an Island Token.


Once you have access to a Jewel Coral, it can be taken to a Luxury Goods Merchant in any major city to trade. This will allow you to collect either a Yellow Moss Turtle or Azure Moss Turtle, which are uncommon mounts. They both have the same statistics, with a base speed of 420 and a dash ability. 

That's our rundown of the Lost Ark Jewel Coral, and now you will be able to find it and earn yourself a brand-new mount.

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