How to Get Lost Ark Amethyst Shards And Where To Use Them

How to Get Lost Ark Amethyst Shards And Where To Use Them
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11th May 2022 16:33

Lost Ark Amethyst Shards are quite a special currency in the game. Among the multiple currencies in Lost Ark, the Amethyst Shards are very different from gold, Pirate Coins, and silver for example, since they are not common and there isn't a method to earn them consistently. On the other hand, by managing how many shards you have and learning how to have as many as you can of these, you can get your hands on items that can help you in your journey or just make you look incredibly fierce. For a full explanation on how to earn more, along with where to use Lost Ark Amethyst Shards, read on.

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What Are Lost Ark Amethyst Shards?

Lost Ark Amethyst Shards are a special currency in the game
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If you are a veteran player of MMORPGs, the existence of a system with different currencies in the game’s world is a fact well-known to you. Some games have more simplistic monetary systems based only on bronze, silver, and gold coins. However, Lost Ark has a very plural system with many currencies. While most of them were already in the game, such as Lost Ark Gold, the Amethyst Shards were created for Lost Ark’s release in the west as a means to reduce the pay-to-win factor that the eastern versions of the game are known for. So, in a more general way, Amethyst Shards are a currency used to buy specific items that players usually spend real money for in other regions.

Since they are so unique in the Lost Ark economy, they are not even on the currency menu. To check if you have some Amethyst Shards, you must go to your Inventory and go to the Storage tab. You might have none or a small quantity of them, but don’t worry, there's a thing or two you can do to fill your pockets with more of this special currency.


How To Earn Lost Ark Amethyst Shards

Lost Ark Amethyst Shards can be earned by completing achievements
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The Amethyst Shards are a scarce currency in Lost Ark due to the fact that you can’t simply farm it by doing Lost Ark World Bosses or visiting islands. The only shards you earn are given by the game in two ways. The first is achievements, of which there are a total of 6 to complete. Once you have done that, don’t forget to claim the rewards in your achievement menu and get them from the Universal Storage which only appears if you have a prize to receive. Here is the list of achievements, and which category they are in:

  • First Step, Light’s Call (Character - Normal): Complete the Prologue without skipping - 500 Amethyst Shards
  • Universal Troubleshooter (Character - Normal): Increase a character to Combat Lv. 50 for the first in the Roster - 500 Amethyst Shards
  • People Person (Others - Hidden): register 50 friends - 1000 Amethyst Shards
  • We’re All Buddies (Character - Exchange): Join a guild - 500 Amethyst Shards
  • First Step (Combat - Proving Grounds): Enter the Proving Grounds - 500 Amethyst Shards
  • Beginner’s Luck (Combat - Proving Grounds): Win the Proving Grounds - 2000 Amethyst Shards

Completing these achievements will gibe you a considerable amount of shards. But if you want more of them and you have an Amazon Prime account, you might get some from the prizes that are given by Prime Gaming monthly. They have been giving interesting rewards, like Lost Ark Armored Raptor mount, so you should check here whether there is some reward up for you to claim.

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How To Use Lost Ark Amethyst Shards

Lost Ark Amethyst Shards are used to buy items from the Mysterious Man NPC
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Once you have filled your pockets with shards, it is time to spend them. To do so, you will have to talk to the Mysterious Man, or an NPC with whom you exchange Amethyst Shard for items like Notos Orka Ship Skin Selection or the Gold Combat Wolf mount. Although they are not present in every city, you will find this NPC in some of the major locations in the game.

  • Arthetine - Origins of Stern
  • East Luterra - Luterra Castle
  • North Vern - Vern Castl
  • Feiton - Kalaja
  • Yorn - Great Castle
  • Punika - Nia Village
  • Rohendel - Rothun

That’s all you need to know about how to get Lost Ark Amethyst Shards and where to use them, and now you know how to take advantage of this rare currency. 

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