League Of Legends Ranks Guide

League Of Legends Ranks Guide

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Rijit Banerjee


20th Dec 2020 18:30

League of Legends has been rising in popularity, and it has been one of the most played multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the world. Whether you are an existing MOBA enthusiast, or someone looking to sink their teeth into this dynamic title, chances are you are going to be tempted to experience the ranking aspect of the game. The game has been out for over ten years now, and its esports scene has grown tremendously as well.

Riot Games (the developers) have kept the game fresh by introducing new buffs/nerfs to various champions, making major Meta changes, and enhancing the quality of the game. Moreover, many other game modes have also made their way into the fray, and they make for a fun relief from the strenuous Summoner’s Rift matches.

However, the players can also try the traditional Summoner’s Rift and become solo queue royalty in the competitive scene of the game. Many professional esports athletes have made it onto big esports organisations by being the best players on their regional servers. Therefore, playing ranked matches provides the player with recognition to make a career out of the esport title.


The League of Legends ranking system is very rewarding, and it has elementary rules. The ranked system is divided into nine tiers - Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Grandmaster. and Challenger. A Season runs almost a year with multiple splits in between. 

League Of Legends Ranked
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Each of these tiers is further sub-divided into divisions. Iron to Diamond has four divisions in each of the tiers. Master onward, there is no sub-division and players are placed based on their League Points (LP). When players win ranked matches, they earn LP from the matches, and lose it when they drop matches. 

However, if the player reaches a certain tier and stops playing the game, there would be a decay which would be demoting the player’s account to help other active players reach higher tiers.


League of Legends had some massive preseason changes in the form of itemisation as many items in the game have been reworked and a whole new category of items, Mythic Items, have been introduced in the game. This change has completely shifted the Meta for many professional players, and the title feels very new and unbalanced. 

League Of Legends Ranked
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However, the developers are tweaking the statistics of these items, and they should be more or less balanced before the season starts in its entirety. Many changes have been made to the higher tiers such as Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger in the recent patch and the rank decay has been implemented as well. Therefore, players will have to play matches more actively to keep their rank high in the ranked ladders. 

More ranked changes like this should be on the cards as the preseason comes to an end in the future.


If you are already familiar with the ranking system in League of Legends, then you should be looking for ways to perform better at the game.

League Of Legends Ranked
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Here are some tips which should help players make their ranked climb faster:

  • Vision- Keeping constant vision on the enemy is of utmost importance in League of Legends. All the vision wards are free to use except the purchasable control wards. Having the information in the river and enemy jungle would allow players to make informed decisions in the matches. Moreover, apart from using the regular wards purchase different wards according to the state of the match. 

Example: Purchase controls wards and sweeper lens for Teemo and more.

  • Champion Pool- Many players, are rigid in League of Legends; therefore; it could be one of the reasons why certain players don’t rank up often in their ranked matches. Players should have a diverse pool of champions divided into each role or lanes. Every player should have at least six different characters mastered in the game to climb up easier in the game. Many times, players are auto-filled into positions they wouldn’t usually play. Instead of dodging the matches, having a wide variety of champions under the belt could go a long way in pushing solo queue ranks. 
  • Itemisation- League of Legends had a complete overhaul of item changes and players are developing new meta and experimenting with new strategies in the preseason. Therefore, if you want to climb the ranked ladder as Season 11 is live in the game, you have to start experimenting with the new item changes in the game and have in-depth knowledge of all the new items especially the Mythic items. 
  • CSing- One of the most fundamental concepts of League of Legends is to farm minions in the game to earn gold and spend it on powerful items. Now, different champions have different base attack speed and damage, which makes it difficult for players to last hit minions and earn the gold. Therefore, players need to practice with champions in normal queue matches to have a strong grasp on farming CS in the game. Moreover, they can also implement freezing and pushing waves to snowball leads or play it safe from the enemy jungle.
  • Team Composition/Synergy- In the higher elo, players are well oriented, and the better team usually takes the match away from the other team based on minor mistakes. Therefore, it becomes very crucial to understand team compositions and select champions according to the needs of the team. If the team is very AD heavy, consider picking up an AP champion to make it difficult for the enemy players to itemise against your team. 

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