How to get your League of Legends mastery chart

How to get your League of Legends mastery chart
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Hritwik Raj


21st Apr 2023 12:33

You must know how to get your mastery chart if you are a League of Legends player. For those who don't know, the League of Legends mastery chart is a visual post that puts together your most played Legends in one place. You can use it to boast your mastery over specific Legends in the game over social platforms. So, keep reading this guide on how to get your League of Legends mastery chart.

How to get your League of Legends mastery chart

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You can get your League of Legends mastery chart by visiting the fan-made third-party website Mastery Chart. Once you are on the website, select your region from the drop-down menu found left of the "Search a Summoner" field.

After that, enter your Summoner name in the respective field and click on the search icon. Doing so will show your League of Legends mastery chart, which you can share on social platforms. 

That is how you check the mastery chart and share it with your friends and others in the League of Legends community to become part of the mastery chart trend that the community has been enjoying.

Can you see other player's League of Legends mastery charts?

The Mastery Chart doesn't require any account login, and this means you can get the League of Legends mastery chart for any player by knowing their Summoner Name and the region/server on which they play.

If you play a particular Legend all the time and rarely use any other, you can get a mastery chart featuring a big portrait of that specific Legend. On the other hand, if you have a diverse selection of characters you use in matches, you will get a brimming chart featuring a few of the most used Legends.  

To summarize things, here is how you can check your League of Legends mastery chart:

  • Visit the Mastery Chart website
  • Select your region 
  • Enter your Summoner Name
  • Click on the search icon 

That concludes our guide on how to get your League of Legends mastery chart. For more on League of Legends, keep reading GGRecon. 

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