League Of Legends: Best Mid Champions For Season 13

League Of Legends: Best Mid Champions For Season 13

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6th Jan 2023 14:16

Who are the best Mid lane champions in League of Legends Season 13? There are lots of viable picks in League of Legends' Mid lane, and success often comes down to how well you can get a lead and roam to other lanes. Some champions excel in duels while others have a more teamfight-oriented gameplay style. Let's take a look at some of the most viable League of Legends Mid lane picks currently in Season 13.

League of Legends Best Mid Champions: Vex

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Vex is a pick to watch out for in Season 13. In patch 12.23 she has a 51.40% win rate across all ranks and generally performs well in a variety of match-ups. 

As LoL's newest Yordle, Vex has been taking over the Mid lane recently. However, she isn't a pure carry like some Mid laners - she's also great at initiating fights and fearing the enemy team to set up kills for your team.

League of Legends Best Mid Champions: Kassadin

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Kassadin's currently rocking a 52.53% win rate in Platinum or higher and a 51.72% win rate across all ranks.

He starts slow, but once he gets going it's very difficult to take him down thanks to his ultimate. It can be used as both an attacking move or a way to retreat, making it tough to catch him. He can also use it to quickly execute an enemy from over a wall, making vision control key to using him efficiently.

League of Legends Best Mid Champions: Zed

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Zed has always been a popular pick and often ends up catching a ban in the pregame lobby. He's not actually performing particularly well in terms of win rate though, only sitting at a low 49.44%. So why is he on the list?

A good Zed player can easily take over an entire game, and the difference between a good and a bad Zed player is night and day. If you can really learn this champion, you'll find a good pick for most matches.

League of Legends Best Mid Champions: Swain

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The new changes in Season 13 have made Swain even more of a threat. He's a great damage dealer with a lot of survivability, able to drain the life out of tanks on the opposing team.

His win rate is currently 51.63%, which is very respectable indeed. He doesn't have too many awful match-ups, making him a reliable pick in most situations.

League of Legends Best Mid Champions: Anivia

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Rod of Ages is back, and so is Anivia. Using items like Archangel's Staff and Void Staff, Anivia has more than enough damage to burn (or freeze) through an enemy team.

Anivia currently has a 51.87% win rate across all ranks. Positioning is key on Anivia, as you have no mobility to speak of. You do have strong zone control with her Q and W though.

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