League of Legends: Best ADCs For Season 13

League of Legends: Best ADCs For Season 13
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2nd Jan 2023 16:55

Who are the best ADCs in League of Legends Season 13? With so many champions available in LoL, it's difficult to truly know who the best in a role is unless they're clearly overpowered. With that said, some ADCs are a cut above the rest.

Let's take a look at some of the most viable League of Legends ADC picks currently in Season 13.

Best League Of Legends ADC Season 13: Tristana

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Tristana is your old reliable ADC, with enough power to break through an enemy team and a very simple kit to learn.

She's not quite as late-game focused as champions like Vayne or Kog'Maw, but can dish out good damage at all stages of the game if you can remain alive. Thankfully, staying alive with Trist isn't too difficult with her W allowing her to get out of harm's way.

Tristana boasts an impressive win rate of 51.38%, so she's almost certainly worth picking up.

Best League Of Legends ADC Season 13: Kai'sa

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As one of LoL's most popular champions, Riot has been keen to keep Kai'Sa relevant as the years have gone by. This season is no different, and she's been proving herself to be one of the better ADC picks. She's maintained a positive win rate despite her immensely high pick rate, making her a consistently solid choice.

Kai'Sa is quite easy to learn, so she's a good pick for lower ladder climbers getting to grips with ADC in 2023. She's also a hybrid champion who can go for both AD and AP-orientated builds, which makes her more flexible.

Kai'sa has a ridiculously high pick rate sitting at 19.1%. She's incredibly popular, and for good reason!

Best League Of Legends ADC Season 13: Twitch

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Twitch is a surprisingly good pick this season so far. He's currently rocking one of the highest win rates in higher ranks for ADCs, and he packs enough damage to deal with tanks due to his ultimate.

A surprise Twitch ult coming out of stealth is often enough to send the enemy team running, but make sure your positioning is on point or you might get jumped on and killed before you can finish the enemy team off.

Twitch has a fairly balanced win rate, but just tips the scales into the positive territory at 50.47%.

Best League Of Legends ADC Season 13: Nilah

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The newest ADC to hit the rift is Nilah, and while she hasn't always been a top pick she is currently flaunting one of the highest win rates in Platinum and above.

Despite being a bit of a niche pick, and a totally different style of play compared to the classic ADC, Nilah is definitely worth learning. It might be a tougher learning curve though, so bear that in mind.

Nilah is touted as an S+ tier ADC character with an impressive 52.21%. The odds are in your favour when playing Nilah.

Best League Of Legends ADC Season 13: Draven

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Lastly, Draven is making a splash this season as one of the premier ADCs - if you're skilled enough to utilise him.

Draven is a high-risk, high-reward champion who requires great positioning in order to damage enemies and catch axes in the midst of a fight. Once again, he has a high win rate right now compared to other ADCs, but he demands a lot out of the player.

Draven ranks lower on the win rate list, sitting at just 49.92%. However, as we've explained, his gameplay involves high risks with high rewards, so it's worth practising with him as much as you can.

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