Time to drop, shock, and rock, as we teach you how to clinch the Jumpmaster role in your Apex Legends match.

15:00, 29 Apr 2021

So, you've loaded up Apex Legends, assembled your squad, readied up, chosen your Legend, and boarded the dropship. Now what? Decide the Jumpmaster, of course!

The Jumpmaster leads the jump, which is the literal jumping out of the dropship and into the location of POI of your choice, to loot up and start shootin'. The Jumpmaster has a very important task - choosing where to land, and making sure it isn't too dangerous (or is, depending on how aggressive you are).

The Jumpmaster can be identified by the little logo shown next to their name during the character select screen.

How the Jumpmaster is determined in Apex Legends may seem obvious, but here are some tips, just in case.

Apex Legends How Is Jumpmaster Determined

apex legends how to be jumpmaster
The Jumpmaster can be identified by the little logo shown next to their name during the character select screen.

By default, the Jumpmaster is the last person to select their character (so the third to the right in Trios, and the second to the right in Duos). This happens if no one selects their Legend, and everyone lets the Legend they chose in the Lobby carry over.


However, if for example, the first player manually selects their Legend, and the other two let the game automatically decide for characters for them, then the first player will be Jumpmaster.

Have you been assigned the monumental task of Jumpmaster and don't want to be responsible for what happens when you land? Relinquish it! Relinquishing the rights of Jumpmaster mean the job of landing your team will be handed over to another player.



Now you know how to maintain your rights to the jump, get out there, drop hot, and lead your squad to victory in Apex Legends!



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